February 09, 2020

DIY Preschool Valentines {You Color My Heart Happy}

How is it time to already be talking about Valentines?! 

I wanted to pop on and share our DIY valentines for this year, preschool version :) 

My five year old is all about anything girlie, which means hearts & rainbows are pretty much staples in our house. I'm somewhat obsessed with all the darling felt shapes you see gracing cute garlands and tiered trays lately and happened to know the BEST shop to help my vision come true! Be sure to check her other shapes and garlands out if you're looking for more ideas or decor. Her shop is Shop Cherry Sprinkles

Here's what you need to create these super easy, super fun valentines. And bonus points that they are totally allergy friendly! 

White cardstock (for printing on)
Free Valentine Printable (found below) 
Hot Glue Gun
Various Felt Shapes (Snag them here

Go ahead and download your FREE printables below- I made two versions, one for hearts & one for rainbows. They would be cute with hairclips, crayon shapes & anything else rainbow/heart you can think of too! 

Quick tips for printing in case you're a newbie...

1. Click the download link below for the print you'd like to get. Then follow the prompts to download and save to your computer. 
2. Print your printable as you would any regular picture. I like to print them on white cardstock or picture paper- they tend to print better and with more vibrant colors this way. 
3. Make sure to uncheck the 'size to fit' box so it won't enlarge the photo and cut off portions of it. 

That's pretty much all there is to it.
So get at it...just click. print. and make!!

Free "You Color My Heart Happy" Print: Download HERE

Free "You Color My World Happy" Print: Download HERE 

After you download and print your valentines, use a paper cutter to cut them down to size. 
Use a tinnnyyy dot of hot glue to attach your felt pieces to each card. 
And, seriously, it's that easy. 

If you want it even easier, go ahead and add your child's name to them before printing. 

There you have it! 
These are probably the easiest ones I've ever put together! 

Be sure to check out other past ideas for cute valentines! I hope your Valentine's week is filled with love & fun! 

Happy Valentines! 


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