February 10, 2020

Winter to Valentine Mantle Update

After Christmas ended and decor started filtering back to 'normal', I decided I wanted to keep my mantle still on the cozy/winter side of things. 

Since most of the Christmas mantle, (you can see more about it here) was filled with neutrals and then pops of Christmas trees & red, I figured it would be somewhat easy to add a few pieces to transform it from festive to cozy. 

And since I'm terrible at blogging lately, I full on forgot to take a photo of the 'winter' version but really only one thing changed. 
So let's chat a cozy, wintery, Valentine mantle, shall we? 

So for a Valentin-y, cozy feel, the two sides of the mantle were changed. 
Down came the reindeer & trees and up went stacks of aged books, brass candlesticks and a few metallic pieces. 

I wanted a more gathered & eclectic look. 

Secondly, I still love the off center garlands so I decided to keep it for just a bit longer and added the cutest Conversation Heart Garland from Shop Cherry Sprinkles to lighten it up a bit. 

Both the white & heart garlands are from here
The wooden bead garland is from here

The garlands are held on with simple command hooks. 

The gathered items are mostly pieces I've thrifted or created myself. The hour glass is a family piece that hubby had. These were added for the wintry look and to add some Valentine flair, the cute felt hearts were scattered. 

This makeshift letter board was also on the Christmas mantle and I love it's versatility. 
It was scrounged together by combing an old beat up cabinet piece, white paint, a metal pull backing and random old drawer tracks. 

After painting and distressing, I added the metal piece for a bit of interest and then nailed the drawer tracks into the middle. I thought they'd be perfect for holding letters and they totally were! I got a pack of cheap wooden letters from Hobby Lobby to use with it and it worked like a charm. 

For my winter set up, it said "Let's get cozy" and then changed to "I Adore You" for this set-up. 

The other side has another mix of gathered items. I'm loving the wood tones, neutral colors with the tiny pops of pink. 

Felt hearts can be found here
Wooden Sign is here
Wood Beads are here

Super simple but pretty, in my opinion :) 
I love that it was easy to transform just a few small things to get different looks from Dec-February. 

Hope your Valentine Week is just lovely! 
Happy Monday! 

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