August 11, 2020

Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover

So last I shared was our back porch makeover and, little did you know. we've done SO many makeovers to various rooms in the house in the past few months.

Both of my teens asked to have a room revamp and with momma needing projects, I gave in. 

Emily was the first to request a room makeover during our extended break and I was so sad to transform her room at first because it was the first room we had redone when we moved in. She had outgrown the bright colors and younger decor and wanted something a bit more grown up. She had a hard time putting into words what she wanted so I took her to Hobby Lobby to start pointing out things that she liked. Immediately, she gravitated towards all things boho, earthy and plant-related.

We found a piece of pottery that she LOVED and our entire room design became inspired by it. She chose a periwinkle purple for the feature wall based on the colors from the pottery and we are obsessed! I'm pretty sure it's now my most favorite room in the house. I was so hesitant about redoing a room that we already loved but I'm so glad she talked me into it. 

You may remember her coral room from the post a few years about it. You can read about it here

The piece of pottery that inspired the room is this pretty little guy from Hobby Lobby: 

We kept the layout of the room the same as the shape of her room doesn't really allow for anything very different. We did easy updates by painting her existing pieces of furniture since we loved the style, it just needed a color change.

We painted the headboard, bench and the dresser and added different fabric to her vanity bench. Easy, quick updates that made a big difference.

You can see how similar the set-up is in the side by side above. We loved her furniture and just wanted to update the colors basically. We traded the grey rug for black graphic rug for a good punch of grounding color. The black pops of color just tie everything together. 

And just so happen to match our sweet new kitten, Lulu. She totally approves of the new look :) 

The trim wall is my FAVORITE and made a huge impact. It wasn't hard to do- just took a good chunk of time. Thankful for hubby always being willing to fulfill my crazy visions for the rooms.
I sketched out the design I wanted onto paper and we cut, fit & nailed each piece in. Then painted with the same wall color. It's the perfect punch of texture that I was craving in this space. 

We added lots of texture, color & interest in the smaller details of the room. We shopped the house and bought a few new pillows for the bed . We also added a bit of macrame with the gorgeous handmade banner across the headboard. You can't tell, but there are fairy lights woven into the banner too. 

We added a mix of faux plants and air plants for her plant obsession. We found those planters at Hobby Lobby on clearance. They were originally stained wood that we painted black to match the room better.

We opted to get rid of her end table and were originally thinking about putting a swing in this corner. Our sweet Cici offered us this gorgeous macrame hanging table and it couldn't have been more perfect. Emily was over the moon about it. It has a pretty cool background story as well as it was picked up in the Philippines when overseas while in the military. I love that it's a special family piece as well as matching the room so perfectly. We hung it with a swag hook from the ceiling. 

Her dresser is still in great condition so we opted to just paint all the drawers the same dusty pink as the headboard and change the coral knobs to black. Super easy update that grew it up just a tad.

Emily has developed an obsession with plants so we opted for hanging macrame plant holders to hang some air plants from.

Emily found, painted and created the idea for that little teapot planter all on her own (can you tell I'm proud?!) and we planted a little cactus in it 


We kept her vanity the same and just changed the fabric out on the bench. Super easy way to update a look quickly. We chose a blush aztec pattern to coordinate with the headboard. We majorly cleaned/purged the vanity and painted her earring holder black to tie in the bench/rug into this corner of the room.


This corner serves as some organization (the other corner is her art/computer desk) and we just moved a few pieces of art around to fill this area a bit better. Emily MADE that gorgeous yarn art all by herself and we painted the frame periwinkle to pull the color to that side of the room a bit.

One last side by side as I'm still pretty amazed at how much I love the new look. 
I'll add details below on paint colors and sources for various things. 
I hope you love the new look as much as we do and, as always, ask away if you have any questions!!

 Paint Colors:(All by Sherwin Williams)
Grey walls: Greyish
Periwinkle wall: Dried Lavender
Trim/White dresser: Snowbound
Black Bench: Tricorn Black

Bed, dresser: Given to us and painted
Bench: Goodwill and painted
Bedding: Target
Pink pillows: Walmart
Black Striped pillow: Vintage Market
Black Zipper pillow: Dirt Cheap (Target)
Aztec Pillow: Target
Rug: Amazon
Vanity: Amazon
Plant hangers: Amazon
Black & gold hanging planters: Hobby Lobby (painted) 
Pottery: Hobby Lobby
Macrame Hanging Table: Given by family member
Scrunchie Basket: Hobby Lobby

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