October 20, 2021

Stars Hollow Inspired Fall Mantle

 So I've shared my Harry Potter entryway, and now it's time to share a peek into the living room and a nod to my other favorite thing in the world, the world of Stars Hollow :) 

If you're not a Gilmore Girl fan, you might not see the excitement in this but it's been a huge part of my heart for a long time now. 

Hubby and I got the chance to visit Stars Hollow in Burbank, CA right before the pandemic hit and it was the most amazing and magical experience. I resonated so much with Lorelai throughout the entire show and it made up a huge part of my young adult life following their story. So, Stars Hollow will always have my heart. 

A sweet friend actually gifted me the amazing Stars Hollow poster print and I created a frame to display it. 
It's the fall version of the town and has the perfect golden hues throughout it. 
I love that it's 'character' but subtle and unique in displaying a favorite show. 

Because it had the beautiful golden hues already in it, it was easy to add in my golds, amber bottles and neutrals like books & wood slices throughout to accent it. 

I'm obsessed with all the gold/brass candlesticks I can find so a few of them layered throughout the mantle were the perfect accessories. I added gold tapered candles to them for even more of a fall feel. 

I've loved amber bottles for a while now and try to pick them up when I see them for good deals at flea markets and antique stores. 
This year, I stuck a few golden hued leaves and picks in them. Make sure to fluff them out. 

Books for height and neutral wood beads help keep the poster the star of the show but give pretty texture and layers to the entire set-up. I use these year round throughout my decor and love that I can just switch out a few accessories to make them more seasonal. 

If your books aren't quite the right color on the spine and you aren't into ripping the covers off, simply turn them around to display the whites and creams of the pages themselves. 

I layered a few neutral colored pumpkins throughout as well for a fun seasonal nod. You can never have too many pumpkins! 

Item sources: 

Candlesticks: Thrifted
Taper candles: Hobby Lobby
Books: Thrifted/found
Amber bottles: Thrifted
Stars Hollow Poster: Etsy shop Window Shop Gal 
Frame: DIY by me 
Pumpkin: Hobby Lobby
Wood slices: found
Leaf picks: Hobby Lobby 


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