About Me

Hey ya'll!!

My name is Kelsey and I'm a DIY, paint, camera, keep my hands busy kinda girl. I live in the lovely South with my hubby, three kids, and a host of the cutest little animals. 

I started this blog in 2010 as an outlet for my obsession with painting furniture, constantly re-arranging my house, creating endless projects, putting on over the top birthday parties and constantly getting my camera out to shoot pretty things! It's grown and changed a lot over the past years and become a catch-all for all the pretty little things I love in life! 

My 'day' job is working as a pediatric occupational therapist in our local schools. I get to use my love for all things creative, crafty & fun to work with kids on developmental, social, fine motor and all the things that help them enjoy and function better in this crazy world of ours! I occasionally share fun therapeutic-based activities that I love. My goal is to do even more of that! 

In 2018, I fell down the rabbit-hole of product photography and started my page called Stacksandflats on Instagram. It stemmed from several years being knee-deep in the small shop/rep world with my daughter, supporting and photographing handmade & small shop items from all over the US. I found that I had a knack for taking creative 'flatlay' and staged photos for products and fell in love. in 2019, I decided to rebrand from what was previously 'Tattered and Inked' and combine all my loves into this one blog and one name- Stacks and Flats... and all the pretty things...

A few things about me...

I'm married to my soulmate. He is 100% the reason I'm able to do all these things I love to do. He is my encourager, my project do-er, my problem solver, my partner in late night runs to Walmart, Lowes or wherever else I need to go and my best friend. He's also the best daddy hands down. 

We have three precious kiddos- two 12 year olds (no, they aren't twins. Yes, they are step siblings) and a 4 year old. They are wild, crazy, super sweet, sometimes sassy and always inspiring. 

Things I love in no particular order... 

*my family (duh)
*antique shops/flea markets
*roadside finds
*Dr. Pepper
*chippy paint
*old doors
*old brick buildings
*crazy colorful walls
*party planning
*tacos (I mean, after the last thing, it's a given)
*cookie dough
*and bunnies
*swimming with my kids
*all the pictures

I'm so glad you're here!
Pull up a seat and hopefully you'll find something you'll like!!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog! I am old enough to be your Grandmother, in fact, my children are older than you, but I have always felt much younger than my age. I just graduated from college, yes that's was on my bucket list...anyway, I love to be creative, but writing a blog...not so sure...thus my adventure begins and your blog is the third one I read today...keep it up...I find your blog very enjoyable! Wendy

  2. Hey! You are my age! well around it I'm 22 right now! and have kiddo #2 due in a few weeks so we are almost on the same track... except I am not going to college at the moment :) I only started my blog last year and haven't really pushed it much. Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

    -Emily @ House and Hone


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