June 30, 2010

Patriotic Wreath with Coffee Filters

I've been a little behind on my whole holiday preparation thing...
so I thought I'd show you at least one Fourth project I got done :)

I started with these:

All I used were:
*package of coffee filters (I used brown for a more vintage-y feel)
*Hot glue gun
*Wreath form from Dollar Store
*(optional) Spray paint for painting form

Before I started anything, I sprayed my wreath form red so that if any peeked through or around, it would blend in:

Then I just set about to gluing... I didn't get any pictures because I did it during movie night with hubby (woops). But it took about thirty minutes... I just dabbed some hot glue, crinkled the coffee filter a little and stuck it on. No fancy folding or anything.

Here's pretty much what it looked like after all that:

(Not my picture... source here)

At first, I was just going to leave it the pretty brown but I guess with the fourth coming up, I got inspired.

I grabbed a couple foam brushes and acrylic paint and this is what happened:

Doesn't it look so much more happy?
The brown was beautiful... but this just makes me excited about celebrating our country!!!

I figure it's neutral enough though that it can hang for a good part of the summer :)

All I did for the color was dab the brushes in paint then dab around the wreath. You can put as much or as little color on as you want. That's up to you :)

Wouldn't it be cute in other colors too??

Ah, the possibilities!


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Life in the Pitts

June 20, 2010

I've been featured!

These fabulous blogs have featured some of my past projects!
Check them out- you're sure to find some amazing ideas!

Thank you to each and every one who has featured one of my projects.
It means sooo much to me :)


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June 15, 2010

Dollar Store Tiled Mirror

So I totally headed to the Dollar Store to get some glasses I wanted and my eye caught these:

See them? Some pretty brown patterned tiles.

I grabbed a whole bunch, a small square mirror and a piece of foam-core board.

When I got home I grabbed some E6000 glue, my hot-glue gun and some scrap brown fabric.

I saw it in my head... but didn't know if I could actually pull it off.
Don't you love those kinds of projects?

So I laid out my tiles the way I wanted and made lines on my foam board:

I used my exacto knife to cut through and get as straight of a line as I could.

Here's my square:

Then I grabbed my scrap fabric and covered the whole piece using it and my glue gun:

(sorry for the glare, my camera hates being indoors)

Then I grabbed my amazing E6000 glue along with the glue gun and started adhering the tile down to the fabric-covered board:

The tiles had little metal hangers so I had to pry those carefully off.

I laid them as straight as I could all the way around then I glued my mirror right into the center.
Since the tiles didn't completely match flush to the mirror, there is a gap around it where the fabric shows through.
(That's okay though, I actually planned for it!) :)

I think it turned out pretty darn great:

What do you think?

Of course, I"m a sucker for brown.
I am in love love with it :)

It's not as sturdy as it needs to be to really hang... but what can you expect with foam board?
I think eventually I'll mount the whole thing on some cool wood boards and hang it... but for now it's going to be standing on top of my mantel.

It's amazing what you can find at the Dollar Store, huh?

Turned out a lot better than what I had in my head too-- I LOVE when that happens.


I'm so excited... this project made it to the CSI Top Ten...


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