February 26, 2016

Black & Gold End Table Makeover

I don't know if it's the same for you guys, but I see these style of end tables e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

I've had several in the past I've redone- mostly the hexagon/pentagon shaped ones but I see these little retro tables with the super-detailed doors every single time I'm on a yard sale site or go through the doors of Goodwill.

I secretly love them because of their cute detailed doors though. 

Which is why I've probably done several of them :) 

But this one was different in that it wasn't circular or hexagon shaped.
I can't even remember where I picked this guy up.
It quite possibly could have been a roadside save. 
More than likely. 

Here he is after I got him home...

Luckily this piece was in pretty decent condition. None of the veneer was peeling and there were just a few water spots around the edges of the top- but sanding helped those disappear quick. 

I sanded the heck out of the whole piece- it was pretty grimy. 
Then I painted on two glossy coats of a pretty black enamel paint I had on hand. 
I was feeling like this piece needed to have a modern, edgy feel to it. 

Isn't the black GORGEOUS with those door detailings?!?

I decided to paint the hardware gold and it looked ah-mazing against the glossy black. 

I felt like the top was too large & plain to just leave so I added some gold details to tie in the hardware.
I taped off a quick arrow design and painted several coats of a metallic gold paint. 

I just love the gold & black together. 
Modern, edgy & romantic all wrapped up in one look. 

Quick before & after to see how dramatic the change was: 

See why I love those doors so much?
The detailing is amazing and with the glossy black, it isn't crazy overwhelming. 
It's definitely much more understated and edgy. 

I so wish I had the place to put something like this but I just don't have black in my color scheme. 
It sold quickly though & hopefully making someone incredibly happy!

What do you think of the black & gold??

My favorite part about painting pieces to sell is the chance to use colors I don't normally use! It gets old painting things white & aqua sometimes :) 

Hope all your lovelies have a great weekend!

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February 24, 2016

Turning Discarded Shelves Into Gorgeous Wall Art

Hello lovelies!!

Since I still considered us to have 'just moved' even though we technically moved in over four months ago, we still have random boxes and items lying around the garage that haven't found homes yet. 

It's frustrating most of the time but every now and then, I'm looking for something to inspire or be the perfect fit for an area I'm working on, and then I LOVE having my misc piles of random things :) 

We had these crazy shelves hanging on the walls in our master bedroom since we moved in.
The previous owns had left them and after finally getting around to taking them down, I realized that they left them because they were AWFUL to take down. They were meant to hold heavy items so they had about 10 screws & anchors in each shelf. Gah. 

So after taking them down, I have lovely scars all over the wall. 
But I was left with two random pieces of chunky laminated wood. 

I'll admit, the only reason I went through the grueling process of taking them down was because they were the perfect size & width for a project I had in mind. 

Motivation is key :) 

It's not my ideal material to work with- it's really just a laminated wood so I knew the paint wouldn't have a lot to grip on to. But I charged ahead anyway. 

I attached them together with some random L brackets I had in the garage. 
Straight brackets would have been even better- but I used what I had. Add a little wood glue or Liquid Nails to the edges, press together & then add your brackets along the back seam. 

I painted several coats of varying shades of blue & mint blue. I dry-brushed some of the darker color into the lighter base color to give it a more varied finish- I love all the different colors of blue showing through!!

After painting and letting it sit a few days (you don't have to wait that long, I just didn't have time until several days later!), I added my vinyl quote. 

I've made things super easy for you if you like the font & layout of my piece and added the Silhouette cut file for you at the bottom of the post!
So be sure to scroll down & download it if you'd like to use it!!

This is where the not so fun part played in.
While adding my vinyl, the transfer tape pulled some of the paint off the surface. 
Blah. That's what laminate wood will do to you! 

So rather than repaint over it (laminate is awful to sand/repaint because it just peels and doesn't even out like wood does), I just went with it and distressed a few other places on the piece to make it look purposeful :) 

If you hate the distressed look, be sure to tread carefully with your transfer tape or make sure and use real wood as your material. 

To download your own copy of the cut file that I created, download it below: 

This is the first time I've attempted to upload a cut file so please let me know if any issues arise in downloading it. 

As far as I understand, this file will only work with the Silhouette Studio software- I'm not sure about how to use it for a Cricut. 

But my silhouette is my bestie lately so I thought I'd share the love!!

Can you believe those were random wall shelves before??

Sadly, this piece doesn't have a home yet because our master bedroom is smack in the middle of getting a makeover- so hopefully soon :) 

But it made the perfect Anniversary gift for the hubs- he loves the handmade signs I make so I try and make him one every now & then that is about us. 

I'll be back soon with some exciting furniture redos & a huge room makeover!!

Happy Wednesday! 

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February 17, 2016

"To Whom I Love the Most" Free Printable

This week has been filled with lots of craziness & changes in schedules...
which makes for just a hectic week all around. 

In the midst of the craziness, I wanted to pop in really quick & share a simple but pretty printable I created yesterday for a space I'm working on. 

I'm slowly arranging a few things in the master's a very slow and frustrating process at the moment. 

I have big plans for it but a lot of them are on hold until we just have more time. 
Always in need of more time, aren't we? 

I'm just not ready to tackle some of the bigger projects with work & life in general being as crazy as it is. 
I'm lucky to have summers off so I'm thinking *fingers crossed* we will have lots of progress happening over the summertime. 

For now, I'm doing bits and pieces. 
A lot hinges on the room getting painted (everything in the new house is beige, beige, beige and I was over it before we even moved in!). 
So paint colors have to be chosen, furniture needs to be painted, new pieces need to be purchased, and the bed needs an overhaul. 

Lots of big things. Lots of big choices.
So lots of patience :)

In the meantime, I did tackle a smaller project yesterday that has been on the list forever.
I'll be sharing the 'big' reveal of that soon (once my camera has recharged enough to take pictures) but I thought I'd share the sweet print I made for the space. 

I'm not sure where it came from, but this has always been one of husby's little phrases for me. 
He's constantly saying it or writing it on tags of presents :) 

It warms my heart every time he says it and I love having a sweet reminder of it in our bedroom now. 

If isn't frame-worthy in your own home, I think it would make the sweetest tag for gifts. 

Click below to download your own free copy: 

Plus it would definitely let you win the whole 'love you more' argument that seems rampant in our house! 

Here it is printed and in a sweet little mint frame that I painted for our room. 

I printed it on watercolor paper just to give it a  bit more texture and make it look a little bit more authentic. But cardstock will work just fine too! 

So that's it for today- sweet & simple, just like the print :) 

Hope this week is going well for you- I'll be back soon with an update on what I've finished so far in the master bedroom! You won't believe how such a simple fix can update a whole look!

Happy Wednesday friends! 


Printables are intended as gifts for Tattered and Inked readers only.
As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.
For a complete list of all my free printables,  head to this page

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February 13, 2016

DIY "Love Lives Here" Sign

Have Valentine's Day Eve!!

I wanted to pop in and share a quick & very easy sign that would be perfect for an easy Valentine's Day decor piece or would look great year round because this message is definitely one to remember throughout the year :) 

If you guys were around last year, you may remember my nontraditional wreath I created last year. You can check it out here

Between all the moving & redecorating, I've re-purposed a whole lot of my previous decor to have a different feel for the new house. 

The wreath did it's job last year but, to be honest, I was never super in love with it.
So I ended up dismantling it this year because I wanted to use the base piece of wood for a specific project.
More on that later.

But while taking it all apart, I really didn't want to lose the cute vinyl & chipboard saying that was on the front.
So I decided to simplify it down and keep the same sweet message. 

The funny thing is that I love it a million times more now! 

If you don't happen to just have this lying around already like I did, here's the rundown on the supplies you'll need: 

*Scrap piece of wood
*Chipboard 'love' (Found at Hobby Lobby) 
*Sparkly paper 
*White vinyl or stickers

It's incredibly easy to throw together. 

1. Stain/paint your wood background in your desired colors. I stained mine with my favorite dark walnut stain. 
2. Add your glitter paper to your chipboard word. Detailed pictures can be found here on how I did it. 
3. Attach your word with hot glue to your stained board. Add your vinyl lettering underneath. 

All in all, even if you didn't have all the pieces lying around ready to go, it's probably an easy 30 minute project! 

I love how neutral but yet beautiful it came out.
It's hanging above our pantry in the kitchen at the moment but I'm thinking it'll come down for tomorrow to add a little romantic twist on things. 

Hope your weekend is lovely!
The hubs has big plans for us today- we celebrating a day early :) 

Happy Valentine's day friends!

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February 09, 2016

Harry Potter Themed Printable Valentines!

I honestly didn't know if I'd get these finished and up before Valentine's Day!!

Have any crazy Harry Potter fans in the house?
Little man is obsessed and currently flying through all the books. 

So when I asked him what kind of Valentines he wanted for his class this year, it didn't take but a half second for him to yell 'Harry Potter!'. 

So I had to deliver :) 

There were so many different ideas floating around in my head but little man ultimately decided that he wanted to go with one of Harry's favorite treats in the books... the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. 

Which means that you can get anything from unicorn butter boogers. 

Which I'm sure is what makes it so appealing for a boy's valentine :) 

I kept the coloring on them simple so as to not compete with how colorful the jelly beans were themselves. 

On one side is the label for the 'Every Flavor Beans" and on the other is a fun Valentine message, wishing a magical day. 

Here's the supplies you need to put yours all together: 
*Printable Valentine Toppers (found below) 
*Jelly Beans (we picked up some Starburst ones) 
*Small treat bags (Hobby Lobby)

They are super simple to assemble. 
1. Print your toppers (I printed mine four to a page) and trim them with a paper cutter to fit the top of your bags. 
2. Fill your bags as desired with jelly beans. 
3. Close your bags, fold your printable toppers over the top & staple twice along the bottom to attach. 

These printables were printed on white cardstock, 4 to a page. My printer allows me to pick the size of print I want so I chose the 3x5 setting and then made sure to uncheck the box 'fit to page'. This allowed them to be longer & skinnier to fit the tops of the bags better. Then put your quantity in and it should automatically fit four per page. 

In order to download, click the link below: 

I'm hoping these prints can help bring a little magic to your Valentine parties this year too!

Be sure to share pictures if you whip some up- I'd love to see them!!


Printables are intended as gifts for Tattered and Inked readers only.
As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.
For a complete list of all my free printables,  head to this page


Have a Pokemon lover instead?
Check out these cute freebie Valentines!

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Linked to: 
Your Whims Wednesday @ My Girlish Whims

February 04, 2016

DIY Rosette Heart Pillow

Good morning loves!!

I'm back to share a super simple & super gorgeous DIY Valentine project that will beautify any part of the house you want to put it in!!

We recently added some pretty captain chairs to our dining room table & for some reason, I'm obsessed with putting a pillow on them. 
Not super practical...but I'm in love with how it looks. 
So it's happened :) 

In trying to come up with some simple ways to decorate for Valentines without throwing red & pink everywhere... I wanted some sort of neutral-colored pillows to throw in the dining room for the next little bit. 

So I came up with these adorable pillows that did just the trick! 

Isn't it beautiful? 
And it's incredibly easy to make- as long as you don't mind making all the tiny rosettes that go with it :) 

Supplies needed: 
*Blank Pillow Cover (or make your own- I did!) 
*Scrap white fabric (mine was a canvas-y material) 
*Hot Glue Gun

And that's it!!

First things first, decide where your blank pillow cover is coming from.
I made mine from a drop cloth I had- I've gotten so many projects from one drop cloth, it's crazy!!
It's the perfect neutral color to work with and has that grain-sack feel that I love. 
I made simple envelope pillow covers to cover some old pillows I had lying around...


To make it even easier on yourself, just buy a blank pillow cover. 
Hobby Lobby has some blank linen & blank white ones periodically- mine are usually out fairly often but keep checking back!!

After making my pillow covers, I set about making all the rosettes for the heart. 
I used about 21 on each heart but this will vary depending on how big you make your rosettes and how you lay your heart design out too. 

The rosettes are easy to make but time-consuming!
Cut your white fabric into strips- about an inch wide. 
Don't worry about being exact- they're just going to get all wound up. 

After cutting your strips, start twisting your fabric over & over again until it starts forming a twisty tube. I just start winding my rosettes and forming the circle with my finger. Once they are as big as I want them to be, I hot glue them onto a piece of scrap fabric. 
Here's my pile of strips...

And here's my rosettes after they've been winded, formed & glued to the fabric. 
It's just easier to do a bunch at once. 

After I had a bunch done and glued down, I cut as close to each rosette as possible to cut them off the fabric. 
Then you have a pile of pretty little white rosettes ready to be used!!

After making your rosettes, lay them in a heart shape onto your pillow case.

I laid mine out before attempting to glue anything so I could make adjustments as needed. 
Once you have a shape you like, glue them down!!

And it's that easy! 
Like I said, the rosettes are a bit time-consuming but not hard to do at all!

It took me less than an hours from start-to-finish, including making my own pillow covers!!

I love the neutral colors so it can be used throughout the year, not just at Valentine's.
But a colorful red one would be gorgeous too!
Or any color really :) 

They fit the area perfectly where I wanted them & I'm thinking they might make it over to the master bedroom after a while. 
If you're really dedicated, a heart filled in with rosettes would be gorgeous too! 

What do you think? 
Think you can attempt to make one of your own?

I'd love to see pictures if you do!! 
Send them via email or post them on my Facebook page!

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend- see you next week! 


Wanting more Valentine's inspired ideas??

Check out my Pokemon printable Valentines here & don't forget to check out my DIY family Valentine's day dinner!! It's a blast and will be a hit with the kids :) 

And if Valentine's isn't your cup of tea, you can check out my latest furniture redo here!!

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