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February 10, 2020

Winter to Valentine Mantle Update

After Christmas ended and decor started filtering back to 'normal', I decided I wanted to keep my mantle still on the cozy/winter side of things. 

Since most of the Christmas mantle, (you can see more about it here) was filled with neutrals and then pops of Christmas trees & red, I figured it would be somewhat easy to add a few pieces to transform it from festive to cozy. 

And since I'm terrible at blogging lately, I full on forgot to take a photo of the 'winter' version but really only one thing changed. 
So let's chat a cozy, wintery, Valentine mantle, shall we? 

So for a Valentin-y, cozy feel, the two sides of the mantle were changed. 
Down came the reindeer & trees and up went stacks of aged books, brass candlesticks and a few metallic pieces. 

February 09, 2020

DIY Preschool Valentines {You Color My Heart Happy}

How is it time to already be talking about Valentines?! 

I wanted to pop on and share our DIY valentines for this year, preschool version :) 

November 30, 2019

Christmas Tour 2019

I honestly can't even believe it's time to start talking about Christmas decor...
much less already have it up, photographed and ready to share. 

I can't believe tomorrow marks the beginning of December. 

But I have been soaking up the glorious feeling of having the house decorated and being able to enjoy the lights, the colors and the fun Christmas memories already happening. 
We finished shopping this past week and, for once, I don't have a huge 'to do' list in the upcoming weeks leading to Christmas. 
And I am so ok with that. 

If you are new here, one of my big ventures this past year has been really digging into product photography and I have had the crazy pleasure of meeting and working with so many amazing shop owners. When taking pictures of Christmas this year, I realized how many amazing pieces are from some of these gorgeous shops. I'll share the love below in case you'd like to snag a few pieces yourself as well as finding out some easy DIY options for decor. 

Hope you enjoy my Christmas tour this year- it's definitely topping as my favorite yet! 

October 19, 2019

DIY Brick & Wood Pumpkin Sign

I posted last week about our neutral, pumpkin filled Fall mantle we did this year and wanted to follow up on the huge Pumpkin sign I made for it. 

It was super simple and packed a big punch.

If you didn't get a chance to see the whole mantle, check out my post here

 When we redid the kids bathroom a few months ago, we ended up with several scrap pieces of the faux brick panels leftover. 

October 09, 2019

Fall Decor & Mantle

Fall is my favorite. 
It's my favorite weather, my favorite smells, my favorite scenery outside. 
And all of that translates into my favorite decor. 

I love pulling out my boxes of pumpkins and sifting through vintage finds that I've tucked away each year that just scream 'fall' to me. I love wheat stalks and my dried okra pieces that my dad gave me. I love pumpkins most of all. 

So before fall even hinted within our weather, I decided boxes needed to come out and, a few weeks ago, fall graced our house :) 

I always seem to start with decorating the mantle. It's my go-to spot and I guess it's the centerpiece of the house so I always start with it. 

September 15, 2019

DIY Rainbow & Unicorn Felt Ball Backdrop

Hey friends! 

It's been a minute since I shared our last big party adventure -- we've had a crazy couple of weeks dealing with illness, keeping up with work and all the things that go into living life with 3 children. 

I wanted to stop in and give the how-to on how I created the backdrop for her rainbow/unicorn party! 
You won't believe how simple it was and they were the perfect punch of colorful impact I wanted. 

Here's the end result we ended up with: 

September 02, 2019

Rainbow & Unicorn Birthday Party

Party time has finally come & gone which means...
I finally get to share all the fun details and projects that went into it!!!

I LOVE decorating and designing parties for my kids... since the older two have nearly outgrown all the fun, creative DIY parties (although my oldest is wanting an 80's party for her 13th so there's still some fun involved!!), I love getting the chance to get creative for parties when I still can!!

Little miss turned 5 last week and while I'm still trying to figure out how that happened already... I wanted to share all the magical rainbow & unicorn goodness. 

When you ask Little Miss her favorite color... it's 'rainbow'. When people asked what she wanted for her birthday... she said 'anything girlie'. She's my girly-girl, all things magical & sparkly, rainbow loving girl. Which made it SO fun to decorate this year. 

I figured I'd show you the party in all of it's rainbow glory today and then break apart several of the smaller projects to share with you over the next week. 
We had some amazing shops send some fun things in & I'll be sharing those shops throughout the pictures and again in the source list at the bottom of this post. 
So if you need a direction in your party planning, they are great resources to start with!!

Let's dive in to all the party fun!

The main party table is my favorite to decorate. 
This year, we used fabrics I already had for the backdrop & tablecloths. 
I tried something new & attempted a balloon garland to drape across the top for 'clouds'. 
It was so much easier than I imagined to do and was the perfect finishing touch! 

The huge rainbow was a major labor of love- it was created with pool noodles, tons of yarn and lots of time! 
It ended up turning out so awesome, it replaced the main thing over her dresser in her room. So it was a two-fold win! 
The beautiful '5' banner is from Say It In Burlap and was such a fun piece to add to the centerpiece. 

I'll be sharing a tutorial later this week on how to make the beautiful unicorn/felt ball garlands. They were so fun & easy to do- adding a little extra to the backdrop!