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July 09, 2021

Neutral Summer Mantle Decor

 If you remember my project from a couple posts back, here, you'll know that I recently updated our entire fireplace that is in our main living area. 

It's still so fresh and bright looking that I really didn't want to overwhelm it with lots of color or big items. Decorating the mantle is my favorite thing to do each season but, this time, it just felt better to switch out a few things and leave it looking fresh but beautiful. 

I ended up using this beautiful weathered wood mirror to center and anchor everything on the mantle. It was the exact perfect height for the space. 

We also ended up painting the metal screen in front of the fireplace from bronze to white. After redoing the entire space, the bronze just stuck out like crazy and the white just makes it so much softer with the perfect amount of added texture. I used one can of Rustoleum glossy white for that quick makeover. 

Most things were gathered from my 'staging items'. I keep a good collection of neutral items to mix with decor throughout the seasons. 

The vintage style corbel was a new find from TJ Maxx a few months ago and the other three items in the vignette (vase, marble candle holder and concrete faux plant) were all Dirt Cheap and Target Dollar Stop finds. 

I repurposed an old canvas by painting it white and then using mint  blues, gold and whites mixed with joint compound to give it texture. I an NOT an artist so I just played with it until I liked it. And, laughable moment, I ended up using the gold leafing from around the top of a bottle of Sparkling Grape Juice to press into the wet paint. It worked perfectly as gold leafing around the edges!!! 

The beautiful garland is from ShopCherrySprinkles on Etsy and was the perfect complimenting piece to the entire space. 

Years ago, I repurposed old banister pieces from my parents remodel of their house into some beautiful shelf sitter pieces. 
They were cut down, painted, glazed and attached to base pieces to create varying heights. They are some of my most favorite pieces to use throughout the house! 
I used a couple of them on the end of the mantle, paired with natural wood slices, vintage books and a cute sign from OakKnollCreations (Etsy). 

I'm pretty in love with how soft and pretty the whole set-up feels and will just enjoy the simplicity of that until fall comes around! 
Anyone else using a little less color this summer?! 

Source List: 
Corbel: TJ Maxx
White Vase: Dirt Cheap
Marble Candle Base: Dirt Cheap
Canvas: Repurposed and painted by me
Wood Beads: AHFloral
Mirror: Hobby Lobby
Wooden Sign: OakKnollCreations
Hoops, books and wood slice: Thrifted
Banister Decor Pieces: DIY by me
Garland: ShopCherrySprinkles
Fireplace Tile: Arctic Ledgestone (Lowes) 
Fireplace Screen: Dirt Cheap and painted by me

March 25, 2021

Spring Placemat Wreath

 Not sure about you, but this year has been a year filled with BIG projects. 

Big projects that we did ourselves (tiling, painting, re-arranging, etc) and big projects that we hired out (BIG painting, redoing the kitchen, installing new carpet) and all my little projects got put up for a bit.

I decided that during our Spring Break, I needed a minute to get back to my 'little' projects. The ones that pretty much this blog started with :) 

I honestly didn't have anything in mind- I did know that I had been brainstorming a few things for the front door as I basically hung a white monogram on there as a placeholder after Christmas and had grown bored of it. I wanted a little color but really didn't know what I wanted.

So I browsed Hobby Lobby until inspiration hit. 

It started with a tea towel with a cute quote and pretty florals on it. I carried it around for a bit thinking of various ways I could cut it, turn it into a little pennant banner... but it wasn't really filling what I wanted. Then I stumbled upon a couple round placemats. Better. 

Then I found the woven placement. Bingo. 

It's funny how things can start taking shape out of nowhere. I still carried that little towel around for a bit but it didn't really lead my anywhere and eventually, all the pieces fell into place for what I wanted.

Here's what I walked out of the store with: 

I snagged: 
*A woven placemat (found in the Spring section) 
*Unfinished wood bead circle wreath
*Unfinished wood laser wording
*A set of yarn in various colors

I fell in love with the woven texture against the wooden beads and knew they'd be perfect together. And when I started thinking about adding color, I wandered to the yarn section and found a set of already put together spring-y hues that were perfect. 

First things first, 
I painted the wooden quote. I used a mix of oranges and pinks to create a pretty coral color and then painted the whole thing in an ombre effect- darker color at the top and then mixed with white as I went towards the bottom. Subtle and springy :) 

Attaching the wooden beads to the placement just required a little trimming of the placement. I loved the pattern I bought because it already had a natural line to cut on without sacrificing the integrity of the whole thing. I cut along the woven line until it was the same size as the wooden ring and then just hot glued the ring and wooden quote to the placemat itself. 

I used the different colored yarns to make varying sized tassels to hang from the top. I wanted random sizes so it didn't look too cluttered! 

I used the extra piece of woven material that I cut off the placement to make the hanging piece. I simply slid it through two points on the wooden ring, hot glued the woven piece together like a little sandwich and then added twine tied around each point for extra texture and security. 

The tassels I just tied directly to one of those sides of the hanger. 

How pretty is the unfinished wood against the woven texture of the placemat?? 
For extra color, you could easily (well, it would take some time) paint the wooden beads various colors or spraypaint the whole thing. 

You can see the woven hanger I made out of the extra piece that I trimmed off in this last photo. Extra bonus considering I hadn't really thought about how I was going to hang it. 
All in all, total cost was around $15. 
And it added the perfect punch of Spring that my front porch needed!! 

February 16, 2021

Fireplace Surround Makeover

 Hi friends!

I may be few and far between in posts but today is a good one! 

We have been wanting to replace the fireplace surround tile since we moved in to this house nearly 6 years ago. It's been on our to-do list FOREVER. 

We do a lot of Diy in the form of painting, trim, decorating and woodwork. But we've never ventured into tiling and it was a little intimidating to us. So we've been putting it off until we worked up the nerve to do it. 

With all the walls getting painted gray this past summer, we decided the beige tile just had to go. It didn't look right with our grey couch and grey walls anymore. It was just the push we needed :)

Here's what we were starting with: 

See that beige against our new gray tones? Just wasn't working anymore. 
I've known for years what I wanted the surround tile to be in- I fell in love with a white stacked stone from a friend's house and had tracked it down to Lowes. I've had my eye on it forever. 
We stumbled upon some large floor tiles at Dirt Cheap, of all places. We only needed a few so we bought those months ago and they have been waiting for us to start on the project :) 

November 24, 2020

A Magical Inspired Christmas Tree

I'm typically a one-tree type of person. We've always had our one big family tree in the living room covered with handmade and collected ornaments. I add a few things to 'pretty' it up a bit but it's always been the family tree. 

This year, I had it in my head to create a stand alone, pretty tree separate from our family one so I could get creative with it! And my mind immediately jumped to Harry Potter & Hogwarts. If you know me in real life at all, you know my love of the magical world of Harry Potter is big. I thought it would be so fun to channel that love into a creative and magical tree. 

I've been planning it out in my head all year so it's been so fun collecting the right pieces & seeing it come to life! I'll add details below and won't make you wait. But here is my 2020 Harry Potter inspired magical tree!!

August 11, 2020

Bohemian Teen Bedroom Makeover

So last I shared was our back porch makeover and, little did you know. we've done SO many makeovers to various rooms in the house in the past few months.

Both of my teens asked to have a room revamp and with momma needing projects, I gave in. 

Emily was the first to request a room makeover during our extended break and I was so sad to transform her room at first because it was the first room we had redone when we moved in. She had outgrown the bright colors and younger decor and wanted something a bit more grown up. She had a hard time putting into words what she wanted so I took her to Hobby Lobby to start pointing out things that she liked. Immediately, she gravitated towards all things boho, earthy and plant-related.

We found a piece of pottery that she LOVED and our entire room design became inspired by it. She chose a periwinkle purple for the feature wall based on the colors from the pottery and we are obsessed! I'm pretty sure it's now my most favorite room in the house. I was so hesitant about redoing a room that we already loved but I'm so glad she talked me into it. 

You may remember her coral room from the post a few years about it. You can read about it here

The piece of pottery that inspired the room is this pretty little guy from Hobby Lobby: 

July 05, 2020

Black & White Patio Transformation

I'm so excited to finally get this post up because it's been a long time coming!

We started working on our back patio about two  years ago when we decided we needed to make it a place that we actually enjoyed being. 

We had several issues going against us and it's taken us some time to come up with solutions for all of them and cultivate our dream space. 

The main issues: 

1. Our patio area isn't completely covered. Meaning parts of it still gets rain/full sun and the full impact of Arkansas weather. We needed things that could 'weather' all of that pretty well. 
2. We have two outdoor dogs that were constantly bringing mud, dirt, hair and all that fun stuff up into that area. It was constantly dirty & dusty and it made my head spin. 
3. We live on a sloped lot. BONUS with there being virtually no trees so leaves weren't a huge issue. But water, dust, and any yard debris inevitably ends up on the patio. Cue head spinning again. 

So. We had to come up with some creative solutions. The main one being how to create a more closed off space without spending wayyy too much money and still keeping it aesthetically pleasing. 

I don't have the best before/after photos because I was a horrible blogger during the process but let's use this one to show the crazy transformation it went through: 

I'm sure I purposefully didn't take pictures of the yard side before because it was such a disaster but the top gives you a good idea of what we were working with. 

June 22, 2020

Faux Canvas & Floral Door Hanging

If you're anything like me, you tire quickly of having the same things hanging day to day.

I tend to have areas in the house that I don't rearrange very often but our front door is certainly not one of them. 

My wreath styles have changed a LOT in the past years and this spring I decided to go with something a bit more non-traditional than a typical round wreath. Although my wreath from last summer was round, I still consider it a bit non-traditional too. You can see my cute snow-cone wreath from last year here

This year, I went with something a bit more neutral that could withstand spring & summer if I wanted it too. And my choice of flowers tend to nod towards Fall too which was a happy accident. 

I actually created the fabric/wood hanging last fall for my fall mantle but decided it was lightweight enough to hang on the door as well!