April 10, 2017

Easter Mantle 2017

Does it seem like anyone else that Easter has taken forever to get here this year? 
I kept seeing past Easter pictures in my Timehop and thought it was crazy that Easter seemed so far away!!!

Maybe it's a good thing though because I actually got an Easter mantle up this year and I can count on one hand the times I've actually specifically decorated for Easter. 
Usually I just get Spring up and add in a few eggs for a week or so :) 

Here's my simple little Easter set-up this year...

I wanted it to seem crisp & light with a few natural touches. 

The pink mirror was a $10 Goodwill find that I spruced up with some light pink paint for a party recently. It was the perfect centerpiece!

I've never used pink on the mantle before so I thought it was fun to add in since it'd only be up for a couple weeks. 

The ombre egg banner was a super easy DIY with some wooden eggs I picked up at JoAnns. I got 8 for $2. 
I painted them first with the dark teal and then lightly brushed a lighter aqua over the tops for a fun ombre look. 
They'd be cute strung across a wreath too! 

The cross splatter art was my favorite and was so fun to do!!!

The cross was a DIY project from several years ago that I had originally done with a very rustic look. You can find the tutorial here on how I made it. 

I wanted to lighten things up but didn't want to make a new cross (I know, I know) so I painted it white.
I can always go back and distress it later :) 

I used a bunch of colors I had lying around, wrapped the cross in saran wrap to keep it clean and then just drizzled and splattered the paint all around it until it looked the way I wanted! 
The kids got in on the action too and created some drip art with scraps of wood I had lying around! 

Perfect for a family art activty :) 

The wooden bunny & bird were the only newbies I found and brought in this year (as far as buying things) and I love the lighter distressed wood look they had. 

I basically found the dirtiest, grossest cabinet door in my stash to make this sign, guys. 
I think I've been avoiding it because of how bad it was. 
But I've always hung on to it because I loved the shape & size. 
PLUS it had layers of some light blue paint underneath it's original off-white so I HAD to use it at some point. 

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. 
Then I painted it white, splashed a little more blue on it & lightly distressed it. 
Then added my lettering on in a pretty hammered gold. 

Once the big items were situated, I filled in with some smaller things like the bird nests, animals, and then filled out the ends with a couple taller pieces. 

I love the fresh, clean look & the pops of pink!!
Have you guys decorated for Easter this year? 

Hope you guys have a great pre-Easter week and get a chance to love on some family & remember what a blessing this holiday is in light of what our Savior has done for us! 
Love you guys :) 

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