November 14, 2016

Fall Mantle 2016

I know, I know, I'm on the late side of things with this post. 

Butttt in all fairness, I just plain decorated late too. 

I only got this up a few weeks ago...because it's been so darn hot around here that it hasn't felt fall enough to pull out the pumpkins. 

So I finally just told myself to get to it!

Here's what I came up with in this non-fall feeling fall around here...

I went with lots of neutrals this year with pops of my favorite blue & gold tones. 

Do you see my excitement over the new Gilmore Girls revival episodes showing through??
I just knew we needed a Stars Hollow sign to grace the fall decor this year so I came up with this fun sign that resulted from an 'oops' during another project. 

I'll be sharing a bit more on it soon- I love the rounded shape vs a traditional square or rectangle sign. 
I tweaked the original Stars Hollow blue to be more in my light, minty blue. 
And, yes, it'll find a permanent home somewhere after fall decor goes back up. 

I used my favorite and super simple technique to make a quick wreath in my favorite mustard color that you're seeing everywhere this fall. 
I kept it simple and didn't add any contrasting textures to this one.
See the tutorial on how to make one here

The rag garland has been around a couple years now and it's still my favorite. 
Love the gold, oranges and burlap together. 

The mirror was a $3 Goodwill find a few years ago. I taped off stripes and just spraypainted the mirror to have those gorgeous white stripes. 
I use it everywhere. 
It stays in my 'party room' where all my extra decor hangs out & it gets pulled out often. 
It's the perfect filler piece :) 

I made the rustic frame on a whim from some leftover barn wood I had from another project. 
The chewed up piece was destined for the trash pile but I just have a weird love for chippy, broken pieces. 
It made the perfect chunky frame to add some chicken wire & a wreath to. 

The only other smaller pieces consist of found wood slices, chippy banister candlesticks and thrifted copper ones. The pumpkins are both from the Dollar Store!!
Goes to show you don't have to go broke to create something pretty :) 

I added the "Come Thou Fount" framed print from HL this year because this song has just been sticking with me lately. 
We all need a good reminder of where our blessings truly lie. 

All in all, this whole deal cost me around $25. 
I used a lot of things I already had on hand or created projects from scraps of previous projects (the wood frame, Stars Hollow sign). 
The only things bought were the Come Thou Fount print, the mustard fabric and the little gold pumpkin. I call that a huge success :) 

I hope you enjoyed my little fall set-up. 
I'll be sharing more details on the Stars Hollow sign soon, so stick around! 

Happy Monday sweet friends! 

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