December 22, 2014

Christmas Mantle 2014

I guess it's about time I show back up in blogland, huh? 

I figured that if nothing else this holiday season, I needed to hop in and share my Christmas mantle.

Because even with all the craziness and the loving on my sweet baby girl, I was able to get my mantle up!!

I mentioned before that the past few months have been so hectic and I just wanted a chance to enjoy our baby and get back into the routine of working the blog had to be pushed to the back-burner. 
But I've thought about you guys so much and am yearning to get back into it all again.
I'm just not sure when I'll be able to return in full force like it was!!

But for now, we are eating up every single moment with Baby M and spending the holidays making memories with our three amazing kids. 
I have been crafting- though a lot more has been with the new embroidery machine that husby bought me as an early Christmas present.
So I've been sewing up a storm. 

But, regardless, I DID actually get my mantle and the rest of the house decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving. 
It's just taken me this long to get it sorted through, edited and posted :) 

So without further ado,
come join me in taking a peek into our holiday home.
Starting with my favorite- the mantle!

This year, my mantra was just to keep it simple.
I didn't have a lot of new projects planned and I really wanted to just pull a tiny bit of new and use a collection of the 'old' in new ways. 

My gold obsession continued on with the mantle and I so enjoyed layering deep golds with vibrant reds! 

The centerpiece was borrowed from last year's christmas mantle.
And while I cringed a tiny bit with using the main focal point again this year, 
I still loved it and knew that's all that really mattered :) 

The stockings were the 'new' part of this years decor. 
Since adding Baby M, we needed to have another stocking and since we had already gone eclectic last year, I just couldn't bring in a third style to the mix.
So I found these fun burlap stockings at Hobby Lobby and put my new machine to work and embroidered our names on them. 
Some fun red trim and layers of ribbon later, and they are the perfect addition this year!!
I love seeing all our names on them :) 

My salvaged tree sign came back out but I carefully took the 'merry' off so it wouldn't look repetitive against the 'merry' mirror. 
I also love my super easy reindeer wood sign that was made with supplies from the Dollar Store!!
Big score :) 

The sequined trees were DIY projects from several years ago that are still holding up wonderfully. I thought they added the perfect amount of height to the whole thing.
And that darling wooden tree was picked up at my most favorite place ever- Marshalls. 

I love to see how my style evolves from year to year. 
Sometimes, I'll look back on projects and realize they just don't fit me anymore.

But sometimes I can pull out something from several years back and still get just as excited as I was when I originally made it. 
Which is exactly how it is with my reindeer sign.
Can you believe it was one of my very first Christmas projects EVER. 
I still can't believe it's held up so well over the years.
But I was glad to give it a more up-front spot this year in the decor. 

The rag garland and lights have carried on for two years now. 
I just love the way they sparkle and shine when the lights are off in the house. 
Definitely my happy spot :) 

I've definitely been telling myself a lot this Christmas season that it's ok to not be able to do it all.
I'm very much of a 'do-er' personality and I love having lots of projects going on. 
But sometimes life demands a slow-down and I've been slowly coming to terms with being okay that for a season. 

We have plenty going on during the holiday season, especially with experiencing all of the firsts with Baby M, so slowing down in other areas- choosing to not take on so many projects, letting the blog become a ghost-town, etc, is a small price to pay to be able to enjoy all the wonderful moments that are going on right now. 

I hope you guys understand as I slowly make my way back into blog-world. 
I so love you guys and I still have a HUGE passion for creating, so don't think I'm completely running out on ya! 

I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas season filled with friends, family & all kinds of joy!!!

For now, I'll leave you with one of my favorite things about decorating at Christmas-time,
gorgeous twinkling lights.
Nothing gives off the magic of Christmas better :) 

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