August 18, 2014

Aqua Front Door Makeover


I'm actually on and posting this week, aren't you over the moon excited?!? 

It's definitely a feat for me these days.
Hubby and I have been in full-blown 'waiting on baby' mode and haven't had much motivation for much else. 
We were kid-free last week and took advantage of our free nights to slip several date nights in which I will greatly treasure in the months to come :) 

I finally snapped out of my 'baby isn't here yet' funk (we still have 13 days left until the actual due date!) and decided to knock out a quick project I've been wanting to do since we moved into this house nearly five years ago. 

Adding a gorgeous blue front door!!!

I've seriously been dying to get this done but we had a huge problem with the fact that our house had dark hunter green shutters on the front. 
And the dark green shutters with a blue front door would have been n.a.s.t.y. 

But hubby took care of those shutters once and for all a few weeks ago.
I'll be sharing that makeover soon- but it's ah-mazing! 

But I really am more excited about my pretty blue door so let's check it out.
Let's start off with a great side-by-side first :) 

The only good full before picture I found was from this past Christmas but you can see how huge of a difference the gorgeous blue makes!!
So happy and fresh!! 

Who knew a door could make you smile so much? 
I changed out the brown vinyl that had been on there forever and replaced it with pretty new white vinyl cut with my Silhouette. 

Doesn't my ruffle spring wreath just look perfectly gorgeous perched on her new blue home?? 

I can't wait to try out my other wreaths (and make new ones) on the new blue color. They are going to pop like crazy :) 

And it literally took about 30 minutes from start to finish to get the door turned from blah to dazzling!! 

Now, I had painted this door several years ago because it once matched the hunter green shutters (can you say ickkkk??). 
And that was not a fun day. 
The tan paint was not a fan to sticking on the door and it took what seemed like a bajillion coats to get it covered. 
Or really just three. 

But this time around, I used Sherwin Williams proclassic enamel line in 'refresh'. 
I'm in love with the coverage of this paint. 
And it took two coats to cover the door.

My door has a glass storm door in front of it that protects this door from getting any effects from the weather.
It's shielded from the sun (mostly) and the rain so I've never had an issue using regular paint on my door.

However, if your door is regularly exposed to the elements, make sure you get outdoor grade paint or at the very least seal it with something that protects it. 
My two cents on that :) 

It was a simple and super quick project (which is all I can handle at 38 weeks prego!) but has made a huge impact!! 

It's silly that a blue door can make my color-loving heart so happy but I can't help it :) 

I'll hopefully be back soon with another baby project makeover I finally got pictures of.
If Baby M is still being stubborn and refusing to come see Mommy & Daddy...

Happy Monday friends! 

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