November 30, 2019

Christmas Tour 2019

I honestly can't even believe it's time to start talking about Christmas decor...
much less already have it up, photographed and ready to share. 

I can't believe tomorrow marks the beginning of December. 

But I have been soaking up the glorious feeling of having the house decorated and being able to enjoy the lights, the colors and the fun Christmas memories already happening. 
We finished shopping this past week and, for once, I don't have a huge 'to do' list in the upcoming weeks leading to Christmas. 
And I am so ok with that. 

If you are new here, one of my big ventures this past year has been really digging into product photography and I have had the crazy pleasure of meeting and working with so many amazing shop owners. When taking pictures of Christmas this year, I realized how many amazing pieces are from some of these gorgeous shops. I'll share the love below in case you'd like to snag a few pieces yourself as well as finding out some easy DIY options for decor. 

Hope you enjoy my Christmas tour this year- it's definitely topping as my favorite yet!