October 19, 2019

DIY Brick & Wood Pumpkin Sign

I posted last week about our neutral, pumpkin filled Fall mantle we did this year and wanted to follow up on the huge Pumpkin sign I made for it. 

It was super simple and packed a big punch.

If you didn't get a chance to see the whole mantle, check out my post here

 When we redid the kids bathroom a few months ago, we ended up with several scrap pieces of the faux brick panels leftover. 

October 09, 2019

Fall Decor & Mantle

Fall is my favorite. 
It's my favorite weather, my favorite smells, my favorite scenery outside. 
And all of that translates into my favorite decor. 

I love pulling out my boxes of pumpkins and sifting through vintage finds that I've tucked away each year that just scream 'fall' to me. I love wheat stalks and my dried okra pieces that my dad gave me. I love pumpkins most of all. 

So before fall even hinted within our weather, I decided boxes needed to come out and, a few weeks ago, fall graced our house :) 

I always seem to start with decorating the mantle. It's my go-to spot and I guess it's the centerpiece of the house so I always start with it.