July 23, 2012

The Totally Glammed-Out Dresser Redo

How are you guys this week? 

I'm neck-deep in furniture redos at the moment.
I have a whole garage full of pieces to finish, to sell & just to start on.
And twelve, yes, twelve more pieces coming in the next couple weeks from a new client.
Yup. I'm crazy.

So I asked you guys on Facebook yesterday if you'd rather see a crazy awesome dresser reveal or pics from the baby shower I did this past weekend.
It was pretty much divided so I decided to show the dresser now & the shower later this week, kay? 

See, I DO value your opinions.
So come hang out on Facebook and let me know what you think of all my craziness!!

So, my friend had this dresser. 
That was desperately in need of a facelift. 
Want to see what we were working with? 

Isn't it a fun shape? 
I love the bottom of it- it has such modern lines hidden under all that icky beat-up wood. 

And I loved the drawers- 
the bottom four all had curved faces with no hardware which I really liked. 
The top four narrow drawers were flat and had hardware.

We thought about adding hardware to all of them but decided against it because we loved the idea of adding some bling to the top ones later & didn't want it to overwhelm the piece. 

The main thing we had to keep in mind was that her hubby really wanted to keep the natural wood top.
He had worked hard to strip and restain it so it was the requirement :) 

Which ended up working out perfectly.
Check out the beauty after we got through with it: 

Isn't it just absolutely gorgeous?? 
It's so sleek and fabulous now!!!

Check out that gorgeous stained top: 
I'm not taking credit for that- her hubby did a great job! 
It looks so different now with the rest painted, huh? 

We painted the body of the dresser in a shimmery silver from the precious metals collection by Martha Stewart.
It needed a bunch of coats because the paint was super thin.
But it was so worth it :) 

We ended up with a gorgeous, shimmery silver that worked with the stained top beautifully. 

And, hello gorgeous knobs!! 

We headed to Hobby Lobby to find some awesome knobs for this piece because the plain wooden ones it originally had were just not cutting it anymore. 

We found the gorgeous turquoise ones first and knew they definitely had to make an appearance.
Then we found some crazy awesome white knobs but they only had one left.
We were hoping to get four different ones for the second row of drawers just for fun, but we ended up going to three Hobby Lobbys and couldn't find anymore.

But the silver mirrored ones were a happy find during one of my random Hobby Lobby runs.
And all was good again :) 

Plus we got them all half off- definitely go that route!!

Aren't the contrasting knobs so fun?
We kept saying they were just the 'jewelry' the dresser needed. 

The whole thing got a nice coat of Polycrylic when we were finished for protection. 

I just love love love the silver finish. 
And I'm so glad her hubby didn't want us to cover the top.
Gives it just enough contrast to let the silver really shine. 

One last look at how far it came: 

What do you think of our glamorous dresser? 

Do you love the awesome knobs as much as I do? 

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July 19, 2012

'Scaled' Bathroom Art & Free Printables!!

I'm back today to share a little more into my fun kids bathroom makeover I showed you at the beginning of the week!!

One of my favorite pieces that I added into the bathroom were some easy DIY art pieces. 
Remember these guys from the reveal? 

I really wanted something fun to add to that long wall & these were just the ticket. 
Can you believe those pretty frames started as these ugly goldish ones? 

I picked all three of them up from Goodwill for a couple of dollars.
Then they got a good spraydown in glossy white. 

I wanted lots of color for the background so I grabbed the ever-growing stack of paint samples I have stashed in my craft drawer and started playing.

(The only way I can bribe little man into going to Lowes with me...yet again... is by telling him he can get more paint cards. He. is. obsessed. ) 

I ended up using some scrapbook paper too because I wanted a bit of pattern mixed in.
I just took my one-inch circle punch and started punching tons of circles.
After I punched about a million of them, I started laying them out on the cardboard backings that were in the frame.
Make sure to overlap them a bit so no cardboard shows, plus it'll make that cool 'scaled' effect!!

I used hot glue to adhere them to the cardboard backing. 
Then I had to come up with something for the middle of the frames. 

I ended up finding nothing I really wanted so, what to do?
Create my own!!
I made three simple bathroom prints in the colors I wanted & attached them to some scrap wood with little furniture brads. 

I love how they added a bit of dimension to them!
They could also just as easily be attached to the middle & then glass put back over it. 
Whatever floats your boat :) 

Honestly, little man doesn't take showers in here so it doesn't get all crazy steamy & wet in here. 
Obviously, when that changes, glass will be needed to protect the poor things. 

But for now, they work :) 

I love, love, love the punch of color & personality they bring into the room! 

Aren't they fun in here?? 

Want your own prints? 
I did the legwork for ya!! 

Click below to download each of them or just the ones you want!!

Click below to Download: 

Printables are intended as gifts for Tattered and Inked readers only.
As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.

What do you think?
Going to create your own scaled art now?? 

Hope you guys are having a great week!

I'm gearing up for a baby shower this week so I've got lots of projects underway-
plus TONS of furniture reveals to share with you :)

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July 17, 2012

I'm hanging at this awesome place...

I'm hanging with the amazing Brooke over at Get Outta My Head Please today!!!

I'll be sharing a super easy way to add color to your home accessories and you'll want to make a million of them :)

So head over here to check it out!!!
Please :) 

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July 16, 2012

Kids Bathroom Makeover

Hello friends!!
I hope your weekend was filled with all sorts of fun & family :) 

We had a pretty nice weekend. 
Hubs took me on a random date night Friday night to our favorite restaurant (On the Border!) and we got a little getaway night.
Plus we sold hubby's old car!
Finally. Now it's completely checked off my list and I don't have to think about it anymore!

People keep asking me when little man starts school and I just close my ears to it!
(well... I answer them. I'm not ignoring them- ha!) 
But I'm SO not ready to think about when school starts...for both of us. 
I'm enjoying the summer- and sticking with that right now!!

I thought it high time to show another room reveal.
I have a major room reveal to show you soon 
(can anyone say craft room???) 
but for now I thought I'd show you little man's bathroom. 
Which we redid about a year and a half ago.
Yup. It's taken me that long to get pictures & a tutorial up.
don't judge :)

Here's what we were working with: 

Obviously the main thing that needed to change was that dreaded wallpaper. 
Both of our bathrooms had this same paper. 
Which I guess in wallpaper world it's not the absolute worst. 
But still. Ugh. 

You can see my master bath reveal here and see what we did with it!

The other major thing was getting rid of all the gold fixtures. 
This is the mirror that came in the room and it wasn't ideal for lots of reasons.

First- it was a yucky fake gold color and was peeling.
Second- it doesn't work on that huge wall at. all. 
So it had to go. 

But that required finding the perfect mirror.
Which we didn't for a while. 
We lived with the wallpaper for about a year before I wanted to tackle it.
But I did mess with the mirror to at least tone down the gold for a bit. 

Here's the mirror changed up. 
Definitely a difference but still a lot to be desired...

About a year after living with the wallpaper, 
I decided to tackle it on a whim.
One of those "I can't stand looking at it anymore' projects.
Basically, hubby woke up to strips of gooey wallpaper everywhere on a random saturday morning.
Sorry, hun. 

And after a few days of hard work and little bit of creativity later...
here's the fabulous after!!!

Isn't it a million times better???
The walls had to be textured and then I painted them in SW's "watery".
It was a nice, soft blue color. 

The shower curtain is from Target and was the perfect blend of colors I wanted to use. 
The watery blue, dark browns and soft greens. Plus a hint of yellow. 
Exactly the colors I was wanting to bring into the space. 

My sister won the "Bless our Nest" print and gave it to us. 
It worked perfectly in the bathroom.
Plus I was wanting to add touches of birds because little man (and me) both love them!!
(You can find the print here

I gave the cabinets a fresh coat of white paint and changed out the gold hardware with some oil rubbed bronze pulls. 

And I finally found the perfect mirror!! 
My mom picked this awesome wood-grain mirror at Big Lots and then decided it didn't work in her space. 
So it came home with me :) 
Doesn't it look great on that wall?? 

The frames above the toilet were some thrifty finds that I painted a glossy white.
Tutorials on the art inside of them to come later :) 

I added a vinyl saying from Hobby Lobby above the mirror to fill out a little more blank space! 

Here's a few close-ups of the pieces around the mirror: 

Most of the items in the bathroom were found & repurposed in some way.
The easiest way to get pieces in the colors you need- just add spraypaint!!

Item Breakdown: 
Ceramic Bird Eggs: Redo here
Chevron Frame: Target Frame that I covered in chevron paper
Ceramic Birds: Michaels
Green Shelves: Thrifted & Painted
Jute Empty Frame: Thrifted Frame wrapped in Jute
'Bath" Wood Art: Thrifted & Painted
White Candle: Accessorized a bit :) 
White Mini Stool: Target Dollar Bin
Birdhouse: Michaels- stained dark walnut
Washcloth caddy: Hobby Lobby

The cute 'Brush you Teeth" Print is from Thirty Handmade Days and I just added it to a thrifted frame that I painted white. 

I also went ahead and updated the outlet covers and other fixtures in oil-rubbed bronze.
The towel holder & toilet paper holder were spraypainted ORB. 

I love all the fun pops of color in here! 
Definitely more of a kids space than the stuffy wallpaper that was here before!!!

Need another reminder of how far this little bathroom came?? 

What do you think? 
It's amazing how a little paint and the right accessories can make a room seem bigger & brighter, huh? 

I hope you enjoyed my little tour :) 
I'll be back later this week to share the framed art how-to!! 

Have a great Monday!!

Click below to check out some of my other room reveals: 

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July 13, 2012

DIY Yarn Bracelets

Hey ya'll!!

It's been a crazy busy couple of days & I've been somewhat checked out from 'computer world'. 
Sorry bout that :/ 

But I've gotten lots done which is always good, right? 

Before I get down to a fun (& super easy) DIY today, 
I wanted to ask for YOUR help!!

I'm gearing up to put together a Furniture 101 type series and I need to know what YOU want to know...anything furniture!
What questions do you have about finding, painting, re-purposing, etc? 

I'd love for you to email me, comment or hit me up on Facebook to give me your input. 
I definitely want to address the thing you most want to know!!

Now onto the fun stuff :)

Remember my first ever jewelry post I shared a couple weeks ago?? 
Well, I've been at it again!
I love easy jewelry projects because I get to make them customized with the colors/shape that I'm dying to wear most. 
Not to mention that it's wayyyy cheaper!!
So...they're kinda addicting. Watch out. 

That said...check these guys out: 

Aren't they fun?? 

As always, Michaels always comes through in their dollar bins and I was able to snag a few chunky bracelets there. 
But any chunky bracelet you have will work. 
If you like the shape, you're good to go!

Here's what I grabbed: 

Seriously, it's that easy. 
A ball of yarn & a chunky bracelet of your choice. 
Oh, and scissors. 
Unless you can just rip bare-handed through the yarn :) 

Here's what my 1$ bracelet was like: 

I just snipped through the threads and made it bare. 
And it was as easy as taking a new color of yarn & wrapping, wrapping, wrapping. 

I found it a lot easier to take your big ball of yarn and wrap a bunch around your fingers to make a smaller ball that would pass through the bracelet opening. 
That way it goes a little faster. 

And, of course you won't just want to stop at one. 
I ended up with three. 
I just rummaged through my old stash and came up with some crazy colored ones that I was never going to wear again. 

Don't they look soooo much better now?? 

Betcha can't guess which is my favorite!!

Well, actually, you probably can't.
Cuz I can't really either.
I've worn all of them a million times since I've made them.
Plus they're so fun to stack together and wear!

I love this baker twine-esque yarn I had. 
It made a fun stripe-y pattern :)

Once you wind the yarn around enough to cover the bracelet, snip the yarn & tie a tiny knot on the inside of the bracelet. 
Or put a tiny dot of hot glue to hold it in place. 

 For the black and white one, 
I had two little balls of yarn and just tied off after each stripe was as big as I wanted it to be. 
I overlapped a little bit over each color to make sure there wouldn't be any gaps. 

And just saying,
but these are super fun to make while watching your fave tv show. 
Pretty Little Liars anyone?? 

What do you think? 
Need some chunky, textured bracelets in your accessories? 

What colors would you use?? 

Hope you guys have a great weekend!! 

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