July 16, 2010

Joining the Cloche Clique

So I guess the title says it all, huh?

I did finally find the pieces to make me my own little cloche that everyone in blogland seems to have :)

Here's what it started with:

Yep, another piece from my Savers loot.

I got it for three bucks. Yay.

I also found this awesome chunky candle holder in the same trip:

I cleaned the glass dome really well and gave the candleholder and cloche base a couple coats of Heirloom white. A little bit of gorilla glue later... here she is:

I just grabbed some things to display in for the pictures... right now it's actually holding a black H.

I'm still playing :)

Isn't she pretty though?

Happy weekend everyone!


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July 12, 2010

Restore Chair Re-do!

That title is a mouthful, huh? :)

So have I told you about my new favorite place to browse?
I just recently discovered our hidden Habitat for Humanity Restore in our area and I am in love.

Although...not with the fact that they don't have air-conditioning.
Hello, it's Arkansas.

And it's a little dusty...and dirty...and unorganized...

but look what I scored for 2.50 and tell me you wouldn't mind rummaging in a hot, dusty place for it:

Have I convinced you, yet?

Well... wait and see.

I happened to find this beauty on half-off furniture week at Restore

It had already been reduced to five and I got it for a whopping 2.50!
They probably thought I was crazy to be so excited over a cheap, dingy, disgusting chair.

But have ya'll checked out All Things Thrifty?
Those girls can do some serious things with sketchy-looking chairs like this.

And I wanted to give it a try :)

So off went the seat:

I adore the detail on the back of this chair!
Honestly, it's what made it a keeper from the beginning.

But this thing had layers upon layers of dust and grime packed in it.

I had to give it an enormous cleaning overhaul and then sanded her down pretty good.

Look at this nasty seat:

I'm thinking (or hoping) that it has seen better days.

I ripped that red stuff off and found several layers of equally yucky fabric.

After much debating... I decided to breathe new sunshine-y life into her with yellow!


And her yucky red seat is now a fabulous blue.
All I had to do was rip the old fabric off and cut enough to staple onto the sturdy board:

I love the new colors on her!
And with a little brown glaze, she's perfectly worn. (but not tired-looking)
Want to see the full thing?

My goal is to get enough fabulous chairs to eventually have enough for a mismatched table with them.

That's the plan, anyways.

Can you tell how hot and icky humid it is here?
My camera lens gets all fogged up as soon as it hits outside. Ick.

Sunshine-y fabulous, huh?

Have I convinced you about Restore nowww??

What about if I show you a pile of these I got for a buck each:

Yes, Restore is my go-to place for cabinet doors and shutters.
Besides the curb of course.

So go find a restore today- just don't steal my fab chairs! :)


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July 07, 2010

Standing Mirror Re-do

So I have this mirror...

it looks something like this...

(notice the mirror... not my messy floor or obsessively huge collection of necklaces)
When I worked at our local scrapbook store back in high school... my boss' husband was a photographer.
I adored both of them.
After working there a couple of years, they found a great job oppurtunity out of state and decided to move.
So we had a scrapbook store and photography studio to empty out.
Yay for me!
Along with hundreds of dollars worth of free merchandise... my boss let me sift through some of his props he had.

This is one that came home with me.
It's so sturdy and really does have a pretty red wood finish.

Although... I don't really care for that cherry color.
And see how it blends in?
It neeed to POP.
Of course :)

So I grabbed some wooden appliques I had lying around and glued them on in various places.

Next, I taped off the whole mirror part... and gave it a really good cleaning too.
Did you notice how gross it was? Ick.

All ready to paint... and what color to use??

How 'bout...

Ahh yes.

Ready for the fabulous after?
after two coats of the beautiful heirloom white and a brushing of glaze...
here she is...

If you think she looks pretty here, you should see her in real life.

I mean... the difference is AMAZING.

The appliques look like they were made for it.

It has this vintage, regal feel to it that makes you want to look at IT... not yourself.

I am so in love with this.

And anything with a fleur de lis makes me smile.

It fits perfectly in my blue and brown room... so much more pop and seriously made a difference for the whole room...

But of course, my camera won't do it justice indoors.

Remember, look at it. Not me. :)

Do it. Go paint a mirror.
I promise you'll love it.


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