September 21, 2012

The Little Blue Stenciled Table

I've got so many fun things to share with you and today I thought I'd start with a way fun piece that I redid over the summer that I just fell. in. love. with. 

I found this sad little table on the side of the road and I knew he could be beautiful again so home he came with me :) 

He sat in the garage for a few weeks until inspiration hit. 
It needed a really really good sanding down so I took my mouse sander to it. 
It also had holes on that back piece where I assume a mirror once was so I used paintable wood putty to fill those in. 

Ooh. Looking rough. 
But definitely a start!

For this guy, I decided it needed something a little extra special.
I had heard all around blogland about DIY chalk paint and just had to give it a try!
I used the recipe from this awesome blog to mix my paint. 

Basically all you need is: 
*Your Paint 
*Plaster of Paris

It definitely took a little getting used to because it's a bit grainier than regular paint.
But it went on gorgeously smooth.
I found that if it started getting too lumpy, I could just add a tiny bit of water to it and it was good to go again. 

Isn't that blue beautiful? 

It went on beautifully!
I did two coats and had a gorgeous, smooth finish after! 

After painting the table blue, I used glaze to give it a bit more of an antiqued look. 
If you haven't tried glazing yet, don't be scared!!
It's so easy to do and gives your pieces such a unique look. 

Here it is after the glaze: 

Hold onto your seats, ladies & gents.
This table needed just a little bit more awesome to spice it up.
So I used one of my Martha Stewart stencils to add a creamy white strip across the top. 

Check out this gorgeousness: 

I spray-painted the drawer pull in a glossy white and roughed it up just a bit. 

Ready for the amazing after?? 

Isn't it gorgeous? 
Those legs just go on forever :) 

I love the subtle contrast of the creamy white against the light blue!!

I was super sad when this piece sold but it went to someone who loved it just as much as I did so that made it more bearable!
Want a reminder of how far the lovely came?
Check it out: 

I still always stand amazed at the power of paint! 
And to think someone thought this guy had lived out his life. 
Wonder what they would think of it now :) 

What do you think of my little blue table? 
Definitely worth rescuing? 

I've got a cute chair to show you next week that paired up with this guy nicely so just wait! 

Plus, BIG THINGS are happening on this here blog soon so be on the lookout for something....transformational. Hehe. 

I can't wait!!

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