October 15, 2012

'Charming' Beaded Leaf Fall Wreath

Hey guys!!

This week is going to be h.e.c.t.i.c. around here for me. 
October is a CRAZY month in all my classes and I'm feeling very snowed under with everything I have to do to finish out my LAST grad school semester. 
Yup, I said last :)
All that stands between me and graduation are six months of clinicals.

But I'm getting there. 

I've been promising for a couple weeks that I'd get my way cute fall wreath up soon.
And I'm here to deliver on that today.
Cuz even with all the craziness going on, I can't have fall without a new fall wreath :)

And this one makes me super happy! 

Check out the little blinged out fall cutie: 

Oh my.
I'm in love with this little wreath. 
It turned out so much better than I even thought up originally :) 
Just love it when that happens!

It was a fun bunch of things to work with and lots of fun textures!!
I was completely inspired by the gorgeous rope & linen embellishments I found at Hobby Lobby by Canvas Corps. 
It set the mood for the whole thing...

*Wreath form
*Yarn of choice (I chose a gorgeous knobby teal) 
*Beading Wire
*One package of chocolate pearls
*Two strands of Leaf charms (Hobby Lobby) 
*Rope (Canvas Corp)
*Linen Strips (Canvas Corp)

First things first,
get that wreath form wrapped in yarn!
This takes a little bit but I think I've done about a hundred of them now, so I've got the rhythm down pat :)
It helps if you're watching Vampire Diaries, just sayin' 

To make the rope rosettes, all you do is take a thick rope (Mine was Canvas Corp) and start rolling it around itself.
Use dots of hot glue to secure it as you go. 
Once it's about as big as you want, cut the end of the rope at an angle and then tack down with a little more glue. 

I glued a few chocolate pearls in the middle of them. 

Next is the fun (and a little tedious) part. 
Take the stringing wire and start stringing your beads. 
I would do several chocolate beads and then add in a leaf. 
Keep going until it's as long as you want it to be. 

I secured it to the wreath form with sewing pins. 
Easy peasy. 

Before gluing the rope rosettes on, 
I wrapped a little bit of torn linen around the side. 
Then add your rosettes :) 

For a little extra bling, 
I ran a sewing pin through a few of the chocolate pearls and sprinkled them around the rest of the wreath. 

Aren't the textures just gorgeous together? 
I love love love the little leaf charms. 

You know that teal just makes my heart warm, don't you? 
It's the perfect shade for crisp fall weather!

I tacked another small piece of rope to the top to hang it from. 
Gorgeousness :)

Now if only Arkansas would get on board with the whole idea of 'fall'. 
Pretty please?
I'd love some gorgeous, crisp weather to accompany all the pumpkins & falling leaves :) 

I'd love to hear what you think of my little fall wreath!!! 

And I've got some fun before & after furniture pieces to share with you soon too! 
Hope you guys have a great week :) 

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October 11, 2012

2012 Orange & White Fall Mantel Reveal!!!

Because I was kinda still in love with my fall mantel from last year...
but I finally came up with something I love and it's my new fav look :)
Isn't it funny how that happens? 

There was a lot of putting something here, stepping back, shaking my head.... and moving another something there. 
A couple times where I scrapped the entire look & started over...

But here we are and I can't wait to show you.....
so, without any further suspense, here's my 2012 Fall Mantel!!!

I really wanted to add more pops of orange this year since it's quickly becoming one of my favorite things to add to teal :) 
So I love the small pops that were added in!

I found that gorgeous orange vase at Big Lots and it was literally the inspiration for most of the mantle. 
I knew I wanted it to be vintage chic with modern pops. 
The cute little blue vase is a thrifty find and the gorgeous white one is from Hobby Lobby last year. 

Do you remember the Vintage Farm Sign from last year?
If not, you have to check out what I made it from- it was such a fun project :) 

My FAVORITE part of this year's mantle is my chevron art I made.
It was the quickest project ever and has crazy impact.
I'll be sharing the details soon!! 

The amazing blue glass candestick was another thrifty find.
The owl, pumpkin & acid mirror are all from Hobby Lobby. 
I'm obsessed with those mirrors. 
Love. Them. 

The blue frame was painted & distressed from a 2$ Goodwill score. 
I added some orange fabric & a fun printable to it for some pizzazz. 

You can find the "A Life without Love is like a year without Fall" printable here
The orange finial was gifted to me by my awesome friends who knew I was looking for some fun orange things :) 
The vintage starburst brick was an amazing find this summer at a great little antique shop. 
The little owl is a Kirklands find. 

I really wanted some white elements to ground the whole look so I found a pair of mini shutters, painted them white & then separated them to put on either side of the mantle. 
The white cabinet doors are from last year's mantle. 

I love love love all the oranges, blues & whites together. 
They make me happy :) 

Let me tell you, 
that white scale was my FAVORITE thing I found this summer. 
I looked high and low for one like it last year because I so wanted a cute scale to put pumpkins on. 
I never found it last year but this year, it was just sitting in this little shop waiting for me. 
I think he's gorgeous :) 

I wanted a little more...something... when I got it all set up so I decided to add a rag garland.
I think it added just the right amount of texture and color it needed to finish it all off.  

I used a hodpodge of burlap, duck cloth & colorful scraps to get it done. 
Now it lets everyone know that fall has entered our house :) 

One last look at the whole thing...

I'd love to hear what you think of my new fall mantle!! 

I'm so excited to get back in the swing of things here on my blog and I hope you're ready for some fun projects & a few new makeovers because I've got them :) 

So, Watcha think so far? 
Like the orange & turquoise? 

I'd LOVE to see your fall mantles if you have them up.
So Head on over to my Facebook page and share some pictures!!! 

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My Bloggy Makeover REVEALED!!!

Because my sweet little blog got a complete MAKEOVER thanks to the fabulous Brooke over at My Time Designs !!

Seriously, I am in complete love with the new look and I so hope you are too! 

A few things to notice: 

1. My social icons to Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest & my RSS feed are now located in my header- be sure to head to whatever you follow most and check T&I out there! 
I keep my Facebook page updated daily as best I can and I'm always pinning :) 

2. My nav bar located under my header has some new links to it so be sure to check that out!!
I have all my printables and furniture before & afters located in galleries that you can easily access through the new nav bar! 

New links include the 'Pieces for Sale' and "Advertising" which are both in the 'coming soon' process. 
I can't wait to get a gallery up of pieces I have for sale!! 

3. A project catalog has been added on my sidebar! 
I actually added this over the summer but never really announced it and I worked hard on it :) 
Hopefully this will organize things a bit better and help you find ideas for exactly what you're looking for! 

Be sure to check out the 'holiday' tab to check out some awesome fall and Christmas projects!! 

4. Last piece of business!! 
A new button :) 
Exciting stuff guys...don't you love the gorgeous design??? 
Brooke completely outdid herself on everything.
So if you feel so inclined to grab a new gorgemous button, I won't complain :) 

I cannot thank Brooke enough for the amazing bloggy makeover she gave me!I  
She was amazing to work with and you'll be in love with her creativity :) 
So if you're even thinking about a new look.... be sure to head her way- she'll take amazing care of you! 
(Plus she has a super cute blog here in case you need a fabulous new blog to follow!) 

Let me know what you think, I hope you love it just as much as I do!!

I'll be back verrrry soon with my Fall mantle Reveal
I know, I know... I'm behind. But I think it's been worth the wait :) 
See ya soon! 

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