December 23, 2017

Christmas Home Tour 2017

I supposed I should try and squeeze this in before it's actually Christmas, huh? 

I've been insanely busy with work, photo shoots & keeping up with Christmas orders so the blog has taken a semi-permanent backseat which makes my heart hurt a little sometimes. 

My goal this year is to try and get back to posting weekly at least. Good one to have, right? 

I thought I'd let you see a peek into the house for Christmas... so here goes...

Starting with my favorite part of the house... our little Christmas mantle set up. 
We've had our stockings for going on three years now and I still love the neutrals with pops of red! 

The "O Holy Night" sign was made last year. I shared a few more details about it in this post

The trees are almost all DIY trees that I've had for several years now. They've held up far better than I imagined they would. The gold branch looking one on the left is the only one that was bought. 

The cute wood slice snowflakes are from a holiday market last year. Possibly my favorite pieces of Christmas decor. I love snowflakes :) 

Our tree this year. Probably the biggest live one we've gotten so far and it's gorgeous! My favorite thing ever is curling up on the couch with a cup of coffee and having the white lights light up the room. 
Don't judge the presents- they are for extended family as well as ours. I just didn't feel like moving them for pictures :) 

Ah, the dining room is so fun for me this year. I kept it light & airy with mostly touches of white and metallics. I thought about a couple pops of red but really loved the clean look of the whites & golds. 

I take it back. This white reindeer may be my favorite piece of decor. Hubby got him last year for me because I. Love. Reindeer. 

Prancer, by the way :) 
The wood slices were from a friend's wedding and perfectly balance out the whites & shimmering golds. 

My first year decorating the buffet after it was painted white. I'll be sharing about it soon. 

More wood tones, whites & golds here :) With couple reindeer of course. 

I made the "Merry Little Christmas" pillows from towels & a runner from the Target Dollar Spot. I have pictures for a tutorial but just haven't had time to post it. 
Super simple though and they were the perfect little pillows for our captain chairs. Can't beat under $5 for two pillows!!!

That gold reindeer head is just fabulous, right?! 
The birch candles were one of the few new things purchased this year. They'll be found in the house year round, I'll bet you. 

Those tiny metallic candles were more Target Dollar finds. 
And the tiny bird statue was a gift from little man from a couple years ago. 

Another quick look at the dining room... so many new things have happened in here this past year. I can't wait to show you the transformation it has gone through!!!

A sneak back into the living room. 

My DIY cabinet door tray was filled with red ornament balls this year. More touches of metallics in it too. I love the red paired with the blue on the coffee table. 

Another pretty reindeer on top of the entertainment center with more wood tones & reds to go with it. 

Honestly, the foyer is a bit busy for me this year but I still like it. 
There were too many fun things to pick from so I overdid it just a tad :) 

I still debate about that rug staying out during christmas but until it's in the budget to have a back up during seasons, it stays. 

Hubby added to my reindeer collection this year by picking up this cute little marquee during Black Friday shopping. I just so happened to have the perfect sized planked frame for it to hang from. Like, literally was sitting in my garage waiting for me to do something with it. Fate, guys. 

More reindeer, wood tones & pops of red & blue on the foyer mantle. 

Those cute little churches were packs of ornaments I got 70% off at Hobby Lobby last year. Perfect for sitting on candlesticks & under cloches. 

The big wooden snowflake is the one hubby made me our first Christmas together. 

The "reindeer crossing' was made last year and the beautiful carved Nativity scene was bought during our family trip to Silver Dollar City this past summer. 

I've been trying in vain to get pictures of our beautiful front porch this Christmas but we've basically had monsoon weather all this past week. It's made for very wet & murky pictures so it may or may not happen this year. 

I hope you guys are enjoying the Holiday season this year and may we all keep in mind the reason to celebrate- the birth of our dear Savior who has come to give us  light and hope. Merry Christmas, dear friends, see you in the New Year!!

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