August 02, 2018

Master Bedroom Reveal

Let me preface this with saying that we've been living in this house going on three years now. 

While we have done MOST of what I want to do in the master, there are still some tweaks I'd love to do going forward so it's still a work in progress :) 
As are most rooms in my house at most times- lol. 

But I figured if I didn't show you now, I might never show you. 
And it's come a LONG way from the beginning so it's still quite the transformation. 

I figured I'd share the whole transformation today and then break off some of the smaller projects to share over the next week or so in small tutorials. 

Let's just dive right into it. 

Let's start with the horrific picture of the before- haha! 

This is pretty soon after moving in, trying to figure out arrangements, unpack and figure out what to change/order. 

I knew my color palette going into it :
Light grey, light aquas, whites and weathered woods. 

The master in our new house was gigantic compared to our last house- which meant that we really needed quite a few more pieces in order to make the room feel homey. 

I really wanted a vanity/make up area in one corner and then a reading nook/sitting area by the window. 

We finally put most of the finishing touches into the room this past spring and I finished painting the last piece for the room this summer. It's been a long time to get in order but I really had specific pieces/looks in mind and we saved for them :) 

We can chat more about each individual project as I share the reveal!!! 

Here's what it looks like now!!!