May 16, 2020

DIY Ombre Wooden Spring Sign

Is ombre still even a thing?? 
It seemed like it was all the rage last year. 

I love the subtle light to dark that ombre provides and thought it would be fun to do it with my favorite aqua color. 

This super easy sign is the perfect thing if you don't like to commit to one thing (like me) and change your decor up constantly. 

This thing is sturdy enough that it can stand on it's own or prop against other items for a layered look. 

I created the actually wooden base of the sign a couple years ago and it's floated around to various set-ups and parties. 
I originally created it to be left blank and just added a simple nail to the middle to hang wreaths & smaller signs from. 
You can see it being used as a 'wreath' holder of sorts in my valentine mantle here

I decided to risk it a bit and added my letters on this one with a touch of hot glue. But it'll be easy enough to pop them off and sand it down a bit to use as a blank canvas again if I want. 

It's easy enough to create. Here's what you need: 

*1x4s (cut these to your desired width)
*Trim pieces (or more 1x4x or even 1x2s)
-Nail gun/screws
-Blank letters (mine are here
-Pom garland (mine is here
-Scrap Burlap

First, create your base. 
I cut my boards to my desired width and used other scrap pieces to screw along the backs to hold them together. I had some scrap thin pieces of trim left from a roadside haul and used those to trim out around my sign using my nail gun and a few screws. Imperfect is ok here :) 

I painted my inside boards white & distressed. 

For the letters, my sweet 13 year old painted them in an ombre blue finish and I'm obsessed with how they turned out. I used a touch of hot glue to fix them to the sign. 

The 'hello' banner was made with scrap burlap cut into triangles and ironed and then glued to twine. I used white vinyl for my wording. 

For some added fun, I strung a cute felt ball garland above the banner. I love the texture & interest it gives it! 

I wasn't going for a seaside vibe but I'm definitely getting hints of it with this little project. I'm loving having some beach-inspire hues & texture to welcome spring in. I'm actually kinda sad that it'll be coming down soon for summer. 

I'll show you the whole spring mantle in just a couple days. I went full force with a gathered/beachy vibe and it's been so calming to have up during these crazy quarantine days. 

Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be back with the full set-up soon!!! 

February 10, 2020

Winter to Valentine Mantle Update

After Christmas ended and decor started filtering back to 'normal', I decided I wanted to keep my mantle still on the cozy/winter side of things. 

Since most of the Christmas mantle, (you can see more about it here) was filled with neutrals and then pops of Christmas trees & red, I figured it would be somewhat easy to add a few pieces to transform it from festive to cozy. 

And since I'm terrible at blogging lately, I full on forgot to take a photo of the 'winter' version but really only one thing changed. 
So let's chat a cozy, wintery, Valentine mantle, shall we? 

So for a Valentin-y, cozy feel, the two sides of the mantle were changed. 
Down came the reindeer & trees and up went stacks of aged books, brass candlesticks and a few metallic pieces. 

February 09, 2020

DIY Preschool Valentines {You Color My Heart Happy}

How is it time to already be talking about Valentines?! 

I wanted to pop on and share our DIY valentines for this year, preschool version :)