May 28, 2014

Nursery Teaser :)

Hey friends!
I wanted to pop in and say a quick hey to make sure you knew I hadn't disappeared :) 

Lots has been happening around here and me & hubby were able to escape this past weekend to Branson for a fun adult-only getaway.
We figured it would be our last little getaway before baby Maggie graces us with her presence. 

Hubby snapped a picture of me on one of our scenic stops so in case you were wanting a bump I am at week 26!!

We've made tons of progress on the nursery in the past few weeks and I'm beyond amazed that it's nearly done before summer!!
We are waiting on a couple pieces to get finished so they can be moved in but other than that, it's nearing the end stages.

Sweet hubby has worked so hard to do a lot of it...I came home many days to find him painting or installing things. 
He's incredibly excited :) 

I can't do a full-on photo shoot until the last couple items are finished, but I figured I should share a sneak peek of how things are coming...

Eek. Can't wait to share it all!

Are you excited to see the full reveal soon????

I Know I am!! 
That's all I have for you right now guys but I promise I"'ll be back with some more projects I've done lately.


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May 19, 2014

Baby Project: Wooden Rocking Horse Makeover

I'm back again this week guys :) 

I'm finally starting to get pictures of things and slowly be able to edit them to get them up!!
If you only knew the transformation that this little house has gone through in the past few weeks!!! 

One of the major things was kicking our computers out of the now-nursery and fine a new spot to set up camp for them. 
Because we are a desktop loving family over here. 
And I have to have a regular computer monitor for editing photos- because the coloring on my laptop does not allow for good photo editing. 
Who knew? 
So that was a fun thing to figure out :) 

More to come on the solution to all that soon!!
It turned out so much better than I was planning so yippee for plans (and Ikea) working out!! 

Onto baby project number 2 that I'm sharing with you guys! 
I shared the highchair update with you last week and  we're continuing on a white & pink theme apparently with this makeover too. 
But the nursery is so close to final reveal time and eeek! I can't wait to share!

But in the meantime, remember this sad guy we picked up at Habitat? 

The one that I was super excited about finding and Hubby wasn't really sold on it?
We actually walked out of Habitat because he told me he didn't want it and then I looked at him and said we needed to go back in or we'd regret it later. 

Hubby wasn't thrilled about forking out the whopping 20$ for it but as soon as it was loaded in the car he looked at me and said he had already changed his mind and decided it would be great. 
Love that guy :) 

But seriously, I'm a sucker for wooden toys and you just can't find them the way they used to make them anymore.
Without shelling out big bucks anyways.
So 20$ was a steal for me considering it was incredibly solid and just needed some cosmetic help. 

Want to see her (yes, it's a her!) now? 

Get ready....

I know, isn't she gorgeous??? 

Take a look at that gorgeous mane...

When I brought our sad horse home, I knew I wanted to make some thick, girly tassels for her mane and tail. 
I had never made them before so I found this great tutorial for yarn tassels here
I made mine quite a bit longer than hers were so I used a big book to wind them. 

I also added a twist with mine and strung in some pretty ribbons. They turned out so much better than I thought they would. 
I found some gorgeous chunky white yarn that I used as the base for both tassels and added in the colors with the ribbons. 

The kids named our pretty girl "Sugar" and is was perfect considering that is daddy's nicknames for his girls. 
So I added some hot pink vinyl to make sure her name stuck around :) 

She was, of course, painted white after a very long & thorough sanding. 
The poor thing had obviously been loved a lot in her past life. 
Her bridal was hanging off in pieces but was easily taken off with needlenose pliers. 
I filled in some holes, sanded her down and gave her two coats of fresh white paint. 

I gave her a light sanding after being painted for a more hand-made and loved feel to her. 
Plus it won't make me crazy about the kids actually playing with her. lol

Isn't she absolutely fabulous now? 
I still can't believe how well she cleaned up...

and just in case you're wondering if I actually used the same horse I started with...
here are the before and afters of her :) 

Are you as taken with Sugar as we are?? 
The big kiddos absolutely love sitting in Maggie's room and riding Sugar too :) 

And you'll have to be patient for the full nursery reveal- we are nearly there! We made huge progress in there this past weekend :) 

For now, you can have the sneak peeks behind Sugar to get a glimpse.
But it'll be even better when it's all done!!

Love you friends- talk to you soon :)

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May 13, 2014

Baby Project: Wooden Highchair Makeover

Hello there friends!!
Remember me??

I still live :) 

I figured I should drop in with a few updates and let you know that baby M is growing fabulously and lots of projects are underway to make room for her! 

Wanna see a quick bump update? 

I'm right at 24 weeks now and we are getting a little crazy excited about getting to hold our sweet baby girl in just a few short months.
We've been hard at work in the nursery and it's finally starting to look like a baby's room.
I can't wait to share some updates with you about it soon.

But for now, I'm sharing a fun makeover I did with the wooden highchair I found a couple months ago.
I posted about a bunch of our baby finds a few weeks ago and this was one of my first baby paint projects I tackled. 

Here's the before picture of the highchair we were able to score: 

This was one of those pieces I knew we were going to get as soon as we found out baby existed.
I just love wooden highchairs.

Apparently everyone else does too...because it took a little while to find.
Hubby scored this one at a random flea market wayy back in the corner and talked the owner down to 30$. 

It was in great condition besides needing new straps. 

So I sanded it down and gave it  a couple glossy coats of my favorite Rustoleum enamel white. 
Check her out after a few beautiful coats of paint: 

Gorgeous right??
After it dried I sanded it down for some distressing.
Mostly because I love the look and major plus because it'll get tons of use so no worries about it showing a little wear :) 

I love that the tray is in perfect condition and easily comes on and off. 
It got a good distressing too and a couple coats of finishing wax to make it safer to eat off of. 

For an added little bit of personality, I added her sweet name to the back of the chair with pink vinyl. 

I love the pop of color it gives it plus I just an excuse to see her name :) 

I decided to go with classic white rather than a fun blue or pink because it'll be sitting in our dining room with our other blue chairs. 
I wanted it to go with the furniture in there more than I wanted a pink chair :) 
Plus I can jazz it up all cute with whatever colors I want for party pictures!!

Want some before & after magic??

I'm in love with our new little highchair and can't wait for sweet baby feet & giggles to put in it!!!

PS.... I am planning on buying a new buckle for the chair- they are super cheap on Amazon and an easy replacement to make for old chairs in case you find one too :) 

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