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  1. I just adore your profile. I'm not unlike you, I love dyi projects. but to be honest some didn't work out for me. ive made many mistake and learned a bunch of lessons, some painful and time consuming. but I just cant help myself, and I try and try until it is perfect. 2 things about me is I want it to be prefect and I can be be very impatient. I know, this is not a good combination. you probably can understand that. I also have a husband that comes in handy when I need some help. at times he may think I'm a bit crazy. we are a perfect for each I was raised in a large family, 4 brothers and 2 very special sisters. one sister lives in Arizona, the other lives in Sweden, me I live in upstate new York. so when we are able to get together our time is very special for us. i love Christmas, my holidays start in September. i have insisted for many years to make their gifts, that's when i start planning my projects. i do not buy their gifts, i make them. every year that cant wait to see what ive done for them. that's is why I'm am reaching out to you this evening...i need help. ive looked at your work and its beautifully done. i would like to know if you could make some words for me that i could apply to some re claimed barn wood i have. 12 words exactly. i have been trying to learn how this is done but I'm not very good at it , YET. i will still try for the pleasure of learning this skill. if you are interested in doing so you can reach me at 3154542190. i really hope to hear from your.
    thank you hope to talk soon


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