May 09, 2016

Harry Potter Party FREE Printables and Source List!!

This is the best part about sharing any of the awesome parties I get to do...sharing all the fun printables that I created & used around the party!!

Besides sharing the pictures & details, this is my favorite!
Beautiful parties are all in the details and with free printables, those details can be super easy & simple to add!!

Today I wanted to share all the freebies that I created for my son's Harry Potter Birthday party that I shared a couple weeks ago. 
If you haven't had a chance to peek at it, I'd love for you to swing by and see all the printables in action during the party!!
Click here to be transported to all things Hogwarts :) 

For some of these prints, I'm providing the templates I used in several of my DIY projects, including the Hogwarts book spines & several of the Hogwarts labels that I used around the party. For these prints, I just printed them on regular white printer paper and then used my super easy DIY transfer method to transfer them onto the wood, paper or fabric that I was using for whichever project it was. 
Be sure to check out my DIY transfer method to see the how-to on creating these looks. 

This post is going to be on the lengthy side and full of pictures because I want to try and give you visuals for all the ways I used them :) 
Be sure to click on the links below each description to be taken to the download page. 
Do not just click & save from this post because the quality just won't be the same!!
At the very bottom of the post, I'll be sharing a list of awesome tutorials and links to other websites/blogs where I printed and used various tutorials from. I wish I could remember all the places I found but it was kind of a whirlwind as I was getting ready for the party so I don't have every single one. 
But peruse Pinterest if you're feeling stuck and you'll be golden. 

Here we go!!

No Party is complete without an awesome invite!!
I'll be sharing the how-to on these awesome invitations soon but for now, I will go ahead and give you the blank template. 
Download below. 

Printable Food Labels
For the food labels, I printed them on white cardstock and sized them as a 5x7. 
Make sure you unclick the box that says "fit to screen" so it doesn't alter the picture shape. 
Then print, cut along the perimeter and fold in half. 
I left one of the cards blank so you can add your own food names if you prefer. 
The font I used is called Harrington

Click the links below to download each individual label or just download the "Blank Label" to create your own wording. 

Food Label: Cauldron Cakes

Food Label: Dumbledore's Lemondrops

Food Label: Acid Pops

Food Label: Broomsticks

Food Label: Butterbeer

Food Label: Dragon Eggs

Food Label: Polyjuice Potion

Food Label: Every Flavor Beans

Food Label: Herbology Bites

Food Label: Magic Wands

Food Label: Rock Cakes

For our food labels, we had fun coming up with the different types of food to put with each one!!
Here's what we had: 
Acid Pops (Dum Dum Suckers) 
Broomsticks (cheese & pretzels:cute tutorial found here)
Every Flavor Beans (Jelly Beans) 
Rock Cakes (Iced cookies)
Dumbledore's Lemondrops (Lemondrop candy)
Dragon Eggs (Chocolate Eggs) 
Herbology Bites (Carrots and ranch)
Ollivander's Magic Wands (Licorice cut in half) 

For drinks we made our own version of Butterbeer that consisted of Cream Soda, Butter Extract, Rum Extract, Vanilla Ice Cream and Butterscotch Syrup on top. 
We also had Polyjuice Potion as an alternative drink which was just green Hawaiian Punch.

I created several signs to go around the party and this was one of my favorites. 
I'm using it in little man's room as well since we are redecorating so I spent some time creating a rustic, Hogwarts- worthy sign. 
Tutorial to come soon.
But if you just want to print the quote, you can download it below. 

Another fun quote to have around- I printed it and just stuck it on the wand table display. 
I'm a sucker for a good book quote :) 

Click below to download the quote in the colors you'd like: 

Wand Chooses the Wizard: Red & Black

Harry Potter Wand Labels

One of my favorite details was adding vintage-y wand labels to the handmade wands I created. 
I printed these onto parchment paper, tore them out for rough edges & then punched a hole to tie twine through them and onto several of the wands. 
If you're more OCD than I am, you may want to actually measure your wands because I'm sure none of mine matched up :) 
But these are authentic wand descriptions from the book so I love that!!

Click below to download each wand label. 
I imported them into Word and printed all of them on one sheet. 

Harry Potter Book Spines

I created book spines for some book covers I wanted to sit on the Harry Potter trunk display. 
These were the easiest detail EVER to add.
Check out my easy transfer method to find out how to add these spines to brown paper in seconds!!
Click below to download each of the spine titles: 

For a few more fun details, I added random tags around different items to make them more authentic. 
Owl tags hung on the bird cages, luggage tags with the Hogwarts crest and Harry's information were attached to the trunk & bags, and I add the "Owl Post" tags to little man's gifts to make seem as if they were delivered by owls. It's all in the details friends :)

Click below to download your own luggage and owl tags: 

Owl Tag: Hedwig

Owl Post Gift Tag

Harry Potter Luggage Tag

Azkaban Photo Prop Printables:

I created the easiest photo prop ever by cutting a sqaure out of a piece of black foamboard with an exacto knife. 
Then I printed the following printables and attached the smaller fonts to the board with gold brads.
The Azkaban sign was mounted onto the extra foamboard and held behind the prop as a prison sign.
The kids had a blast being crazy with this!!

Click below to download the Azkaban Prop Wording: 

Caution Wording

Have You Seen this Wizard Wording

Whomping Willow Sign: 
The Whomping Willow sign was another sign done with my easy Transfer method
It was quick and a cute detail that is still gracing our backyard at the moment :) 

Click here to download the Whomping Willow wording. 


Whew. Well that's all the freebies I have for you at the moment. 
How about a list of all kinds of websites and blogs that I found helpful??

Here goes, 
My entire Harry Potter Source List 
(for everything I can remember at the moment!!) 

Hogwarts Houses Typography prints (pictured above): Allons-y Kimberly
Potion Bottle Labels: Over the Big Moon
Platform 9 3/4 Tickets: I Do on a Dime
Hogwarts Crest (printed on tags and various items): here
House Circle Banners & House Crests: Via Warner Bros here
DIY Maurader's Map (I used 2 different tutorials and they were both wonderful!!): Find the tutorials here and here
Hand Dying your own paper (used on all my HP documents, envelopes & tags): Tutorial on Harry Potter Paraphenlia 
Mandrake pot label: Whistle & Ivy
Gorgeous Harry Potter Printables (mounted to wood blocks & used as table decor): Shabby Creek Cottage
Gryffindor Patches for our robes: MrPatches
Quidditch Rings Tutorials (we followed it but altered a few things): Simple Stylings
Robes & the Sorting Hat were hand-created by a sweet friend (she's amazing) 
Cake was done by another friend
Iced Cookies were done by another local friend 

Tutorials done by me that will be available very soon 
(I'll update with links as soon as I post them!!) 
DIY Wizard Brooms (Firebolt & Nimbus 2000)
Quidditch Rings (link within post)
Quidditch Snitch & Cup (descriptions within post)
Potions Sign
Gryffindor/Slytherin Signs
DIY Harry Potter T-shirts
DIY Easy Wands
DIY Invitations with Wax Seals

Oh. My. Word. 
That seemed like a very long post- (these posts are the LONGEST to write so forgive me for taking so long) 
I so hope you enjoy your Harry Potter freebies- I'd love to see how you use them in the future so pretty please share pictures with me via email or on my Facebook page. 

I LOVE to share freebies but PLEASE be responsible and do not sell, alter or claim them as your own. 
That makes me incredibly sad and makes it no fun for others if I can't continue to post them. 
I love you guys & now I am bowing out. 
Enjoy your freebies!!!

Printables are intended as gifts for Tattered and Inked readers only.
As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.
For a complete list of all my free printables,  head to this page

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  1. What fonts did you use for wand labels? I love them!

  2. This is amazing! I'm planning a Harry Potter themed bridal shower for my sister and I am so grateful for all the free printables! Thank you :)

  3. These are such fantastic ideas! Thanks! I loved the idea of making a trophy for the Quidditch match!

  4. Thank you for these great ideas and printable decor, you are so fantastic for spreading all of the work you have done to others so we can throw a great party as well! Can't thank you enough!

  5. Ok, I’m computer illiterate, after I download the invite template, how do I edit it?

    1. My favorite editing site is Most of it is free and you can upload it right into the program and click on 'text' to add the different wording that you need!!!

    2. what font did you use for invite template that looks like the harry potter font?

    3. I used a free font called "Harry P". I'm not sure where I found it but maybe search for it. It was easy to find!

    4. I downloaded the Harry P font and am working on this in PicMonkey, but I don't know how to get the new font into PicMonkey. Can you help with this?

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  7. Thank you so much for sharing these! They'll be perfect for my daughter's HP 9th birthday sleepover.

  8. Thank you for sharing all these! This is going to be perfect for our party! Can I ask what font you used for the Attention and Reply section of the invitations? I love it and would love to use the same one.

  9. Thank you for these. Looking forward to displaying some of them.

  10. Hi:) The invite is amazing! I'm trying to edit to add our location and time etc but I can't find the font that you have used? I have the Harry P one, but which is the other? thanks so much, super amazing of you to do this for free xxx

  11. Who doesn't love Harry Potter right? These are just fantastic. I will definitely try them out.

  12. I'm trying to find the font you used in the invitation, and it looks like others have needed it too. Any chance you can let us know? Thanks!

  13. I am also looking for the invitation fonts!! Rather than waiting for a reply to this site I went to like she mentioned above and downloaded the Harry P font and what I thought resembled the invitation fonts, DaDa Antiquerist and Roman Antique. Hope this helps someone!

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