July 18, 2014

Pretty in Pink Dresser Makeover

Earlier this week I was finally able to share our full girly nursery reveal and I have so many projects from the room that I want to share with you!!

Hopefully I'll get them all in before baby girl decides to arrive which is a mere six weeks away!!
(where has the time gone???) 

One of the big projects I was dying to get my hands on was working on a dresser for the baby's room. 
I had been searching even before we found out we were pregnant :) 
I knew I had a certain piece in mind that I wanted and sometimes Craigslist/Goodwill can be tricky beasts. 

But I definitely scored big when I stumbled upon the exact dresser I had in mind on Craigslist after just a few weeks of looking. 
It was only 75$ and came with a matching solid wood mirror which I've already re-purposed. 
Hopefully I'll get some pictures of it soon! 

Check this beauty out: 

It was in great condition and was perfectly solid wood. 
Behind the middle door are two more drawers which I love :) 

And I die for all that original, gorgeous hardware.
The only thing it needed was a track replaced in one of the bottom drawers.
Easy peasy. 

Since it was already in such great condition it didn't require much prep-work to get started.
I gave it a light sanding, removed the hardware and then dusted it off. 

It took three coats of a gorgeous pink to cover it. 
I used a color called 'Camellia Rose' that is in the Valspar collection.
BUT I had Sherwin-Williams color-match it and got a quart of their amazing proclassic enamel finish paint.

I can't rave enough about their latex enamel paint.
It's the only thing I use on furniture anymore.
It's easy clean-up, dries with a gorgeous, hard finish and goes on beautifully. 

I was so excited about painting a piece such a bold color! 
I'm a big fan of keeping walls & other pieces (such as the glider/crib/rug in this room) neutral colored so the other pieces like the dresser can be an awesome pop of bold color! 

Plus I'm not a big enough fan of pink to put in on walls so I used a soft mint blue on the walls and let my girly pink shine on the dresser. 

I distressed it by hand with sandpaper for my favorite finish. 
Plus those curves & crevices on this piece were crying out to have attention drawn to them.
I love how distressing brings out all the details. 

I kept the hardware in their original state because I loved the worn brass look.
I did soak them in a mixture of hot water & vinegar to clean them up a bit and make them shine a bit more. 

But if you wanted and updated look, go ahead and paint them in oil-rubbed bronze or gold. 
Adding new hardware wasn't an option to me because you can't beat the vintage vibe AND the fact that all the pieces were still with the dresser. 

I sealed the piece with a couple coats of soft furniture wax which gives it a silky feel and gives it a protective layer. 

I haven't even begun to come near filling all the drawers yet but I'm so excited about using it as our changing station! 
The changing pad sits on top perfectly and the drawer underneath is the perfect size for holding diapers & various things like baby powder and booty paste. 

Check out the before & after of this gorgeous girl!!!

So in love with all that color. 

I don't know if I'll ever get tired of painting furniture fun pops of color! 
I love white distressed pieces just as much but these bring so much personality and fun to a room! 

Are you in love with colorful pieces too? 
Painted anything pink lately? 

Be sure to check out the full Nursery Reveal if you haven't yet to see how the rest of the room came together.
You can also view a complete color/source list here if you're wondering about any of the pieces used in styling the dresser or the room!! 

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  1. it looks awesome!!! i love that pink, it looks like cupcake frosting!

  2. Wow. What a pretty color. Looks awesome for baby! Love what you did. And I agree, that paint is 'da bomb'!!

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